Thursday, April 30, 2020

Zoom and Zealous #atozchallenge #inthelockdown

In The Lockdown - Zoom and some Zealous seagulls

Zealous seagulls waiting for a morsel
They kept moving closer to where I was sitting
Taken a couple of days before the lockdown was announced
The seagulls must be wondering where the people have gone
Or perhaps there are more fish in the sea!

How strange it is that it took a pandemic to bring together my relatives that are scattered all over the world through the wonderful world of Zoom.

Each Saturday night 10 families from five countries  "meet" up through Zoom for a 40 minute chat.  It's good to see everyone since I haven't met them for nearly 10 years (and some for even longer).

I think my mother enjoys this the most as she gets to see her children, nieces and nephews.  

How are you keeping touch with your families / relatives?

Today I leave you with My Heart Will Go Onfrom the movie Titanic, one of my favourite movies and one of my favourite songs. It's a reminder to reach out to those we love and care for especially at a time like this.

Far across the distance and spaces between us
You have come to show you go on

Near, far, wherever you are ...

Sadly the A to Z has come to an end. 

I truly enjoyed blogging this year and I have discovered new blogs that I've thoroghly enjoyed visiting.  I hope you enjoyed my posts.

Thank you to everyone who dropped by, read my posts, left a comment.

I will have to do a wrap up post with my thoughts on the challenge. 


Warm Regards

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  1. Zoom, Teams or whatever are indeed very precious tools these days.
    Congratulations for ending the challenge! It was a great heme, and I enjoyed a lot visiting. Thank you for being a daily visitor on my blog! Take care Suzy, and stay healthy.
    Z is for Zakka

  2. The gulls in my seaside town are looking very miserable at the moment - no sandwiches of fries to steal from peoples hands!

    I'm having more contact with my family than ever right now albeit virtual. Every cloud ....!

    Well done on making to the end of the challenge.

  3. Love me some Céline Dion! Did you know she won the European Song contest for Switzerland when she was 18 years young?

    How wonderful that your family gathers fro all over the word. Hope you keep doing this even as things go back to normal.

    Thank you for a wonderfully inspiring and musical A-Z, I enjoyed meeting you!

    My Z is for Zermatt, the remote mountain village you go to see the Matterhorn:

  4. How fabulous you're meeting across five countries - how fun! We've started doing Friday evening dinners with family via Zoom. Thank you technology. Congratulations on finishing the challenge, and stay safe.

  5. I get messages from some friends. Haven't heard from some family (they don't use the Internet). I heard some animals, especially birds, are very confused by the lack of people who normally drop food for them.

    Congratulations on reaching z.

    I hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy during this difficult time.

    J Lenni Dorner~ Co-host of the #AtoZchallenge, Debut Author Interviewer, Reference& Speculative Fiction Author

  6. Yes. You wrote a very relevant post on Zoom. We are all using it and enjoying it. Cheer the engineers who made it possible.

    Congratulations for successful A to Z Blogging.

    A to Z 2020 Blogging Series What is Industrial Engineering? What is its Practice in Top Global Manufacturing Companies?

    What industrial engineers do? They continuously strive to reduce the cost of items that people love to use and thus increase its affordability to more and more people.

  7. It's rather strange that it took such a devastating pandemic for us to make video call to connect with our relatives and friends, is it not?
    We have been doing the same thing. Strangely we never thought that earlier also we could do the same thing.
    Congratulations Suzy for completing the challenge. It was great reading your posts.
    And thank you for coming over to my blog and taking time to comment.
    Looking forward to your posts. Hope you will come back to read my posts.
    Take care and good wishes.

  8. Zoom hangouts during stay at home have been so important! It's nice to see faces even if you can't be together. Congrats on completing your A to Z!


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