Sunday, January 3, 2016

#woty My Word for 2016 is Creative

Having been through many inspirational and mystical words over the last few years, I decided to embrace the more artistic side of life this year.

So my word for 2016 is Creative.

I really didn't think too hard about my word. The moment I thought I had better choose a word (as I do each year), Creative just came into my mind - loud and clear.

My blog too might have a new category added to it as I start to showcase some of my arts and crafts.

So here are a few I've been experimenting with this year

Watercolour and silver crepe paper

Watercolour painting which I've made for my friend in Canada who loves cats. Loving watercolour painting.

Watercolour and acrylic (gold) abstract - maybe abstract is not my forte

And a card also for my friend in Canada which I truly enjoyed making.

I'm also planning to start an art journal and this year will be making all my cards instead of buying or sending e-cards.

I've been neglecting my blogs so I  hope I'll be blogging more regularly and I also hope to read and comment more on the blogs I enjoy. I'm also looking forward to finding some new and interesting blogs.

And who knows how else Creative evolves over the year. Really excited about my word.

So what's your word for 2016? If you've written a post do link up to Lauren's My word of the year linkup below.  Or share your word in the comments.

Warm Regards

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