My Ramayana in 60 Verses

The Ramayana is a historical chronicle of events during the life of Lord Rama, in an ancient time in a land called Bharatvarsh a part of which is now modern day India. Lord Rama was the 7th avatar of  Bhagwan (God) Vishnu.

This year's theme for the A to Z Challenge was given to me through meditation. But more than just a theme I was also asked to write this from the perspective of Divine love and not just a recounting of the events as they took place. Hence the essence of my posts is "Love is in the air".

The individual theme and tone of my verses are also given to me. And I try to convey what Spirit wants to say through my poetry and prose. In essence, I only transcribe what is given to me, the author of these posts is my soul, the Universe, God and Goddess.

Each set of verses are accompanied by prose, the links to which are included as headings.

Assessing Creation
Lord Vishnu watched King Dasharath
Ayodhya he did rule
He also watched his beloved Earth
Wrecked by Ravana the fool

Earth Goddess cried out in despair
Oh Lord I'm being torn apart
The blood of mankind fills the air
Destroyed is my soul and heart

Lord Vishnu conferred with His Goddess Lakshmi
Their plan must now begin
His love for her made her blush demurely
He conveyed it with a sweet grin

Time to take a human birth
Lord Vishnu did exclaim
And so Lord Rama came upon this Earth
Evil to destroy or tame

Goddess Lakshmi watched with pride
As He descended to the Earth
She waited for a little while
To also take a birth

She is Lord Vishnu's precious heart
His shakti (strength and power) and His joy
Sita emerged in Mithila from the Earth
King Janak's spirit did fly

Young Rama he stole the hearts of all
So proud his mother Kaushalya
Sweet Sita prayed the Lord to grace her hall
She was the golden girl of Mithila

Divinity delighted every heart
Citizens of heaven included
Sita Rama though far apart
Eternally connected

Vishwamitra came to Dashrath's court
Rama and Lakshman he did take
Life's lessons and dharma were they taught
Fearsome yet loving warriors they did make

They learned forgiveness, obedience and respect
They learned of right and wrong
They learned to sharpen intellect
They learned that pride makes one fall

To Mithila the trio came
Sita's Swayamvar to attend
Citizen's in awe of Rama's fame
To Sita they did tell

Sita wondered why his name
Quickened her beating heart
Perhaps this meeting was her fate
Was he her life counterpart?

Rama looked up and caught his breath
Sita's eyes beheld her Lord
Vishnu Lakshmi's beating hearts
Drowned every other thought

Somewhere deep within their souls
A recognition dawned
Though human minds negate those realms
Yet love began to spawn

Human Headsets
Kings and princes from far off lands
Full of arrogance and pride
Came to seek Sita's hand
The bow to lift they tried

Sita watched with anxiety
Each failure a relief
Beseeching Rama silently
To make true her desired belief

The bow it was invincible
Steadfast it did not move
King Janak sad and irascible
Lord Rama calm and aloof

He knew He could win Sita's hand
But the timing must be right
And Guru must first command
Before He ended Sita's plight

Sita to Gauri Mata did request
It's only Rama with whom I'll go
Then at Vishwamitra's kind behest
Did Rama lift up the bow

A garland of flowers in Sita's trembling hands
Heart beating in joy and desire
She placed it around the neck of Rama
His demeanour calm but heart on fire

Dashrath watched his beloved Son
Grow into a fine young man
Hearts of all the young prince had won
It was time his reign began

A proclamation was soon made
Rama to be crowned the king
But Manthara the cunning maid
Poisoned Kaikeyi's mind to sting

Love Misplaced
Two boons she asked from days gone by
Given thoughtlessly by king
Lust destroyed Dashrath's honourable mind
And made him Kaikeyi's plaything

She ordered Bharat be made the king
Rama to the forest must go
Fourteen years of banishing
Would make her heart glow

Dashrath's mind in despair and turmoil
Kaushalya's in shock
Lakshman's rage shook the soil 
But Rama was stoic like a rock

Vishnu Lakshmi with a knowing nod
Prepared to leave together
King's action to people felt roughshod
But the divine plan was now or never

Rama, Sita, Lakshman in simplicity
Set forth for adventures new
Fulfilling many destinies
Did Rama arrange this too?

Life often takes unexpected turns
Seems desolate and unfair
But blessings lie in many burdens
Though in your face they do not stare.

Opportunity thought Rama and smiled
Affection for Sita to show
The palace walls were too confined
For love to play and grow

For Sita anywhere was home
If Rama was by her side
Her love for him like the sun it shone
No need now for it to hide

Forest life largely peaceful
The three made it their home
The wicked should be fearful
With Rama and Lakshman on the roam

Many disturbances often deadly
Rama destroyed them made the forest safe
Lakshman ever watchful and ready
By Rama's side his only place

The future queen blossomed
Rama's love chaste and pure
His care and love thus lessened
The hardships she had to endure

Rama protected the queen of his heart
Gently he did guide
He could not imagine them being apart
He was glad Sita was by his side

Rogue and Radiance
On an island in the ocean
Stood a city made of gold
Love for citizens was not an emotion
Its mighty king did hold

Wherever he did travel
Ravana wreaked havoc
Selfish and tyrannical
Born to plunder and run amok

Beautiful and radiant
Rama peaceful like a dove
Caring and gallant
Born to show us love

Shoorpnakha was on the prowl
Besotted by our Rama
But he spurned her love and honoured his vow
One wife to love and charm

Would he make her his beloved wife
If Sita she devoured
Rama showed his displeasure rife
When demoness foolishly enquired

Ravana vowed that spurn to avenge
A golden deer he sent
Rama took up the challenge
For Sita's heart on it was set

Rama's arrow struck the golden deer
It screamed out mimicking Rama
Sita anxious filled with fear
Sent Lakshman without a qualm 

Ravana watched Lakshman leave his guard
Then Sita he did trick and abduct
Rama heartbroken and alarmed
His soul into pieces struck

Divinity forgotten
Forgetting divine plans
Rama grief stricken
Fell to his knees with head in hands

Jatayu watited for his Rama
To give him an important clue
On hearing this Rama lost his calm
And roared to Ravana mrityu (death)

Sita unwavering and scornful
Ravan's rage at the point of harm
Meditative and thoughtful
Her soul reached out to Rama

Through veils unseen Rama felt her beseech
He looked up towards the heavens
Commanding all to Sita reach
Protect her from the demons

Shabri tasted berries
Sweet ones she gave to Rama
He ate them with such relish
And filled her heart with bliss and calm

Rama and Lakshman searching
Came upon Hanuman
A moment so endearing
Shiva Vishnu's earthly plan

The Vanar (ape like humanoids) army ready
The search for Sita starts
Rama's faith in Hanuman steady
His ring and love for Sita he imparts.

Trijata a loving heart
An angel in disguise
Deceived her cruel king and played her part
Sita to protect and comfort her cries

Hanuman watches silently
While Ravana threatens Sita
Gives her Rama's ring obediently
When the demon angrily leaves her

The demons set alight his tail
He sets the city on fire
Hanuman's mission never will fail
For Rama he'll never tire

Divinty joining forces
What chance did Ravana have
Both sides suffered many losses
Rama's heart for both was sad

Rama asked Ravana to surrender Sita
Forgiveness even for his foe
But Ravana's pride was off the meter
He was sure he would win and show.

Ravana knew not who he faced
He laughed at the man with the bow
But death was ready to him embrace
At Rama's command from below

At last the demon fell to his death
As arrows pierced his body
Rama gave him due respect
Divine love even for the enemy

Sita's yearning finally ceased
Her face with love aglow
Her joy at seeing Rama increased
Past year now forgotten so

Rama looked with love at his beloved
Heart bursting with joy and pride
For his Sita strong and so devoted
Was finally back at his side

God and Goddess reunited
A zillion hardships braved with zeal
Their plan to save mankind completed
Now time for love and time to heal

Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi
Love all creatures great and small
And if you seek peace and eternity
In their sharan (shelter / refuge) you must fall.

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