Monday, February 29, 2016

My Life According to The Beatles #MondayMusings

The Doglady has a musical challenge and I thought I would play along as it sounded like a lot of fun. And it was.

I chose The Beatles as I thought I would definitely find a song for each question but it wasn't easy.

The Challenge:

"Using only song names from ONE ARTIST OR BAND, answer the following questions. Try not to use the band I used, or repeat a song title. (It’s a lot harder than you think!)  Publish as “My Life According to (BAND NAME)” and link back to this post".

Q and A

Are you a male or female?
Lady Madonna

Describe yourself:
Child of Nature

How do you feel?:
I Feel Fine

Describe where you currently live:
Here There And Everywhere

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Across The Universe

Your favourite form of transportation:
Drive My Car

Your best friend is:
Another Girl

Your favourite colour is:
Yellow Submarine

What’s the weather like?
Here Comes The Sun

Favourite time of day:
A Hard Day's Night
(hmm day or night?)

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called?
Paperback Writer

What is life to you?
Magical Mystery Tour

Your relationships:
A Shot Of Rhythm and Blues

Your fear:
I Just Don't Understand

What is the best advice you have to give?
All Things Must Pass
(as in this too shall pass) 

If you could change your name, you would change it to:
Dizzy Miss Lizzy
(Miss Elizabeth Bennett considered one of the most beloved characters in British literature. Jane Austen herself described Lizzy as "as delightful a creature as ever appeared in print."  - source Wikipedia)

Thought for the day:
All You Need Is Love

How you would like to die:
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
(interesting inspiration behind this song)

Your soul’s present condition:
It's Only Love

Your motto:
Let It Be

The Beatles were a great band and each of them were extremely talented but I think George Harrison wrote some of the best songs - My Sweet Lord, Something, While My Guitar Gently Weeps were some of those.

I tried to find a good Beatles version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps but couldn't find one so here is the version from Concert for George - a tribute to George Harrison on his first death anniversary. The first time I saw this I this video I almost thought he was on stage. His son looks just like him. Before the finale, McCartney relayed to the audience, "Olivia said that with Dhani up on stage, it looks like George stayed young and we all got old". 

Eric Clapton (lead guitar and singer), Paul McCartney (piano/keyboard), 
Ringo Starr (drums), Dhani Harrison (backing guitar)

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Warm Regards

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Silent Conversations - #MondayMusings #WordyWednesday

It was the end of day and darkness spread over parts of the Earth. Sita lay down on the floor of the ashram and closed her eyes.

In the palace at Ayodhya Ram retired for the night on a mat on the floor, relaxing peacefully after a hard day's work. This was the time he loved the most - his time with Sita. The time when he and Sita had "silent" conversations.  Ram fell into a deep sleep with a smile on his face.

The forest was silent. The moon and the owl watched as Lord Vishnu (Ram) waited for Devi Lakshmi (Sita). This was the meeting of souls. She ran into his open arms savouring His sweetness while Universes reverberated to the sound of sweet music.

Their souls danced to the sounds of the cosmos, entwining and separating in rhythmic and symmetrical patterns in colours so vibrant that are unknown to humankind. Together they chorused through universes, creating and destroying, enlightening and comforting beings of all kinds, all of their creation. God and Goddess working and playing, loving and laughing.

But as daybreak was imminent, it was time to return to their earthly incarnations.

Ram's eyes slowly opened and a smile curved upon his lips. "Why did they all think that by sending Sita into exile, he had severed all ties with her. Without Lakshmi (Sita) creation ceases to exist for there is no life without Her.  She is the breath of my cosmos, the essence of all creation, my strength, my joy, my love. She is my salvation as creation believes that I am theirs. And without Her, Ram has no existence", he thought to himself.

Sita opened her eyes and sat up. As reality dawned on her she wondered, as she did each morning, if she had been in a dream.  Why did she feel Ram all around her even though he was far from her at the palace. Why did she feel a love so powerful that it was as if she had spent each moment with him. She closed her eyes as if to capture that moment before the chores of the ashram took over and her mind drowned every thought of him.

Ram stood up and faced the direction of the ashram. He folded his hands in honour of the Goddess (Sita) who gives life to all. "My Sita", he whispered with love and in joy. "No force in the entire cosmos among our infinite creations can ever separate us".

Sita heard the birds singing, the gentle wind through the trees, the sounds of horses and cattle, the laughter of children. She felt the warmth of the sun, of the once Sun Prince now the King of Ayodhya, her Ram. She turned to the direction of the palace and folded her hands in honour of the Lord of all Universes. "I hear you my beloved", she whispered into the air. "For you exist in all things, in the Earth and the sky and in all creatures great and small".

The children rushed towards Sita waiting to hear her stories. She told them about Gods and Godesses, of the Earth and the sky, of Universes, of the Great Kings of the world and of the adventures of Ram, the greatest of them all.

"How, how", they asked.

And Sita sweetly replied, "Lord Ram is an enigma, an extraordinary being, an energy so powerful, so benevolent, so vast that to try and explain or elaborate is impossible".


Perhaps these poems will give you an insight on my thoughts of the love Ram and Sita shared for each other:
Ram's view of Sita
Sita's view of Ram

Written for:
#Monday Musings at Everyday Gyaan
#WordyWednesday at Blog-A-Rhythm - for the words enigma, extra, energy, elaborate.

The story was inspired by the picture on the word prompt at Blog-A-Rhythm, from questions I've asked about Sita's exile and of  dreams I've had the last few nights.


Be Blessed, Stay Blessed.

Warm Regards

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