Saturday, February 15, 2014

Explaining the name of my blog

Today I have the honour and pleasure of hosting the Thursday Writer's Post Blog Hop #4 and I'm also sharing this post for the letter E at ABC Wednesday.

Initially I thought I would ask you all to write your thoughts on love, but everywhere I turn and every prompt this week seems to be related to Love.

Instead I will ask you all to write about something you love ... your blog.

Share with us why and how you chose the name of your blog and what it means to you.

When I started blogging publicly in 2011, I found it really hard to choose a name for my blog. So many names bounced around in my head, Suzy's blog, Suzy's thoughts, Suzy's ramblings, Suzy's notes - most uncreative and very dull. But nothing really came to mind that resonated with me.

And the more I racked my brains to think of something, the more elusive and hard it got.

Whenever I blog, I listen to music as it always relaxes me and helps the thoughts form in my head and so as I listened, the song "Someday Somewhere" floated by.

Someday Somewhere
You said hello
And walked into my life

"That's it" was the thought that came into my head. And that's how I named my blog.

It's the perfect name as each one of you who drops by my blog says hello and walks into my life. Some for just that moment in time, some now and then and some for much longer with whom a lovely friendship starts to form.

This song also has a special place in my heart as it reminds me of a time long gone when love was young and sweet.

As always I am convinced the Universe sends the answers our way and for me more often than not it comes through a song.

So write your post, link up here with the linky below and share with us the beginnings of your blog. I look forward to reading your post.

And while you're writing and sharing, enjoy the song ... Someday Somewhere

Have a joyful and love filled day.

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The Linky:

Warm Regards

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Devotion and Dilemma

Written for
The Write Tribe 100 words prompt - How do I tell her him about you
The letter D at ABC Wednesday - A story depicting Devotion and Dilemma

It should've been a day of happiness and excitement, of new beginnings and love. It was her wedding day and it should've been a joyful one.

Instead she sat in the temple room in front of her beloved Giridhar Gopal and gazed at the serene face whose bansuri filled her soul with eternal bliss.

How could she love another for she had dedicated her love to him, locked him in her heart and placed her life at his feet.

Tears filling up her eyes, Meera joined her hands together and prayed. "My Lord, how do I tell him about you?"

image source: google images

Giridhar Gopal = Lord Krishna
bansuri = flute

Have a blessed day.

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Earliest Memory

Some days ago some of us Write Tribers, a group of very talented and fun loving bloggers, shared some pictures of our young days and that gave us the idea of writing about our earliest memories.

So I have the privilege and honour of starting off some memories that the Write Tribers are going to share on their blogs today.

I have some great memories of my childhood but the earliest was hard to determine. Of course there are many stories that parents and siblings can tell, but I wanted to write about the memory I have.

I've already shared one of my earliest memories with my dad so today I'll share one of my paternal grandparents.

They both were soulmates. They loved each other with all their heart and soul. During the Quit India movement when my grandmother (who was later classified as a freedom fighter) was imprisoned by the British, my grandfather offered to go to prison instead of her as my aunt was only a few months old. That's the kind of love they shared. In the end the British showed their compassionate side and let them both go. 

But back to the memory. My Dadima (grandmother) always sat at the head of the table. I always sat to her left and my Dadaji (grandfather)  sat to her right opposite me. Each mealtime he would tap with his spoon and we both would sing loudly together "Jessie tho Devi, Devanti Devi" (Jessie is a Goddess. A Goddess of Goddesses). And Dadima would laugh and say "Shu Papa?" (What Papa?)

This memory always makes me smile. He sang with so much love and joy. It was a fun moment for me too. My Dadaji died when I was 8 years old. This ritual started a long time before he died so I was quite little probably 4 or 5 years old. 

Btw my Dadima's father nicknamed all his children with English names. So my Dadima was Jessie and my Dadaji always called her by that name. And Dadima always called Dadaji Papa.

Here are pictures of them:

And now it's Psych Babler's turn to share her earliest memory. She blogs at  Over Cups of Coffee. Do drop by and check her post too.

Happy Memories

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