Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Lord Hear Our Prayer ... #FridayReflections #MondayMusings #MicroblogMondays #openslather

For such a long time, mankind has prayed for peace in this world. I am a great believer of collective consciousness, that combined, our prayers and thoughts truly manifest and I am sure that the peaceful warriors vastly outweigh the destroyers.

Why then is there so much destruction on Earth both in the form of natural and man-made calamities?

This is a question I ask myself over and over again? What is lacking in our prayers? I am convinced it is not a lack of sincerity.

Today is a public holiday in New Zealand - Waitangi Day. I took the day off yesterday to make it a long weekend and that gave me time to ponder over this question. But the answer seemed elusive.

Then when you least expect it, the answer comes. So yesterday as I was focussed on my art work (a hobby I absolutely love), the answer popped into my head ...

The Lord, the Universe simply can't bring peace into this world because they gave us free will. The only people who can bring peace is us. But how? And then this thought manifested in my head:

The only way to bring peace to the world is if we all act with love, kindness and compassion. 

And so my prayer each day has changed. Instead of asking the Lord, the Universe to bring peace, I now pray that all our acts be done with love, kindness and compassion, and that our actions are beneficial to those around us.

Have you ever pondered this question and what do you think, how can peace prevail on Earth? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Sharing the art I was working on when these thoughts arrived:

created for the pick a stick Feb challenge #PASC0218
details on this in another post.

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Wishing you all a peace filled week.

Warm Regards

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