Blogging is so much fun.

Ever since I was little I always wanted to write but writing was not one of my strengths, at least that was what I was led to believe. Back in school, I never seemed to do well in essay writing. So instead I wrote diaries. Then the web opened up the gates for creative expression so here I am ... finally writing. How cool is that!

I started blogging in 2010  when a workmate asked me to join in a "30 days of me" challenge. I had never blogged before so I made this a private blog and invited family and friends to join me in my 30 day journey. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to keep blogging when that was completed. Still private as I wasn't comfortable in a public space.

Then in May 2011 while I was in between jobs, I suddenly had the urge to share my words with the world. It was scary. But I went with the feeling and trusted that the Universe knew what I should do. And so I started and I write as I am guided by it (the Universe).

Someday Somewhere (this blog) is where I write to share my life experiences and events, inspiration, quotes, my thoughts on the Universe, my spiritual beliefs, and anything else I am guided to write about. My post on  Adversity is a catalyst  sums up the beginning of this blog and Why I write sums up just that.

I also write at:
Photos are Fun - where I share my photos taken over many years.
Reflections of my soul - where I share my poems.

I have so much fun with my blogs and I hope you will enjoy them too.

Warm Regards


  1. bful description Suzy :) Keep blogging

  2. Thanks Afshan for always encouraging me :)

  3. That's a really nice way to have started blogging, and your enjoyement of your writing really comes across. Delighted to have discovered your blog thanks to the Cherished Blogfest Damyantinis organising, and with which I'm helping as one of the co-hosts....

    My best wishes, Paul...

  4. That's a lovely way to have discovered blogging, and it really shines through just how much you enjoy your writing. Delighted to have discovered your blog thanks to the Cherished blogfest being organised by Damyanti, and with which I'm helping as one of the co-hosts.

    My best wishes, Paul...

  5. Having trouble leaving acomment here so tryng one more time.. Delighted to hqave discovered your blog vias the Cherished Blogfest being organised by Damyanti and which i'm helpung with as one of the co-hosts... Really liked the way yoyu discovered blogging, and it shines through just how much you enjoy your writing..

    My best wishes, Paul... echoesofthepen on wordpress


    1. Thanks so much Paul for dropping by. I still have to write my post for the fest but will do that asap. Looking forward to discovering new blogs.


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