Monday, November 28, 2016

5 Hobbies #FridayReflections

Unfortunately I missed the Friday Reflections prompt last week and I really wanted to write on my 5 hobbies and why I love them. So thank you Sanch for the prompt this week - write on any November prompt. defines a hobby as "an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation".

When I was young I collected stamps and postcards.  I still have my collection tucked away in a box somewhere. I also loved writing letters and at a point in time I had over 100 pen friends. I shared my thoughts and my life with them through my letters. I also had a fascination for stationery. Paper gave me a great thrill and I was forever making things from origami to little books, cards etc. And I loved to paint and colour.

Unfortunatey stamps and postcards collecting has gone by the wayside as has snail mail letter writing. But some of my earlier hobbies have transformed into the hobbies of today  (in no particular order) ...

I love writing. It's been a passion not since my young but my little days. Writing is so therapeutic. When the world of blogging opened up it was like a fabulous gift that was given to me, a chance to share my thoughts with the world with the hope that my words inspire someone. I also love poetry and share my poems on my poetry blog Reflections of my soul.  Poetry brings me great joy. So in the end letter writing transformed into blogging. 

Watercolour Painting
In November 2015 I came across some youtube videos on watercolour painting and I had to try my hand with it. I absolutely loved it. I paint on postcard size paper so within 20 minutes a painting emerges. Painting is so relaxing and watercolours are so unpredictible that more often than not the effects they produce are unexpectedly delightful.

Mixed Media Art Journalling
When I was young, I used to keep diaries of my thoughts and ramblings but when I moved to NZ I destroyed my diaries. I have no regrets as they served their purpose at that time. Over the years I tried to pick it up again but couldn't sustain it. Then I discovered mixed media art journalling. Now this is so much fun. I keep my journalling simple - a mixed media picture, scene etc with some words to go with it.

Crafting - Card Making
Mixed media art journalling led to card making.  This year I decided to make all my cards - adding a personal touch. Card making really challenges my creative skills. I'm hoping that this and my watercolour painting are hobbies that I can convert into post retirement charitable creations. My aim is to create and then donate my creations to places like hospice shops so they can sell and keep the profits.

I've loved photography from ever since I can remember. My late father was an avid photographer and my love for photography comes from him.  Photography for me is not about taking the perfect picture but about capturing a moment in time that you can remember forever. My photoblog Photos Are Fun is my photo showcase.

Some of my creations ...

sharing my thoughts from a snail mail challenge - a letter I wrote to a blogger, and my photo

my watercolour painting - Mt Fuji and Cherry Blossoms - the story behind this painting

from my mixed media art journal - I love this quote.

 one of my handmade Christmas cards. a few more shown here

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Wishing you all an inspirational week. What is your favourite hobby? Do share in the comments or write your own post.

Warm Regards

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Remembering Me #FridayReflections

I actually wrote a post for the fairy tales prompt, but then the 7.8 Earthquake struck NZ and fairy tales seemed just so frivolous.

My late father always said to me that your true strength of character is shown in your lows not your highs. You certainly know who your friends are in your time of need and adversity certainly brings about a new perspective to life.

So heartened that so many friends and relatives all around the world took a minute of their time to send love and support to me and my loved ones here in NZ. You will never know how much strength that one minute of your time gave me. Thank you.

So in the light of that, I hope that these are the things I will be remembered for:

1. That when someone needed kindness and compassion, I was there for them. Even if it was a hello, thinking of you and hope you are well.

2. That I never gave up on my children and believed in them. When they needed that extra bit of motivation I was there to keep them going and when they doubted their abilities, I gave them a reason to believe again and loved them unconditionally. I also gave them the freedom to live life on their terms and that I was accepting of their fears and anxieties. I also hope I gave them the courage to face their fears and overcome them.

3. That wherever possible, I tried to make a difference in someone's life. Even if it was just words of encouragement.

4. That my writing inspired somone, gave them hope, brought them peace. And for some it became a  catalyst to challenge their own way of thinking.

5. That my spiritual ramblings found their way into someone's heart and set them on their own spiritual path.

6. That my wild and wonderful imagination was a source of amusement and joy for some.

7. That I never lost my faith and trust in God and that all my actions showed my love for Him. Particularly in my writing, my poetry, my art, and other creative expressions.

8. That I had a sense of humour and could see the funny side of things.

9. That at times my keyboard and I made some great sounding music together.

10. And finally that I took life as it came with acceptance that life is exactly as it should be and that I lived it best I could mostly with a smile on my face.

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#FridayReflections at The Write Tribe - List 10 things you hope to be remembered for

What would you like to be remembered for? Share in the comments or write your own post.

Be safe, stay safe and take care.

Warm Regards

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