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Il Mondo #FridayReflections

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It was time for Isabella to go. She had spent wonderful years with her family and her four boys had grown up strong and confident. She looked back on her life to the days when she played in the fields with her friends and of the day Lazzaro and she married. She smiled as she looked at him for he meant the world to her. God had truly blessed her.

Lazzaro carried her out into the field that she loved and cradled her in his arms. She looked up at him for the last time.  "Lazzaro" she whispered, "Il mondo, you are my world".  Then she closed her eyes forever.  Lazzaro held her close and wept. He felt the life force within him drain out. Yet he lived. "How will I live without you Izzy" he sobbed, "Your love is all I need in my world".

Lazzaro was surrounded by his grandchildren and they brought him happiness.  After Isabella's death his life revolved around them. But deep inside a sadness still existed.

Angelina his daughter-in-law had just given birth. Lazzaro held the baby in his arms. There was something special about this one. As he gazed at her, he felt a life spark and joy filled his heart. "Izzy" he whispered. "Izzy".

Little Isabella loved her big papa above anyone else. The two shared a unique bond that was incomprehensible to most. "Big papa Lazzaro, il mondo, you are my world" Isabella would say as she snuggled up to him as he read stories to all his grandchildren.

Angelina worried about Little Izzy. After grandpa Lazzaro's death six month's ago she withdrew into a world of solitude and sadness. They had tried everything to draw her out, but Izzy's despair knew no bounds. It was difficult to take her out anywhere as her behaviour was sullen and rude so Angelina usually left her at home with the rest of the family. 

But today there was no baby sitter and Angelina was compelled to take her out.  "Dear God", she prayed. "I don't know what fate has in store today, but please let it go well today".

Maria's baby was a  month old.  He was a beautiful baby. Izzy watched him play, mesmerised and spellbound. Something stirred within her soul and she felt a life spark and a joy fill her heart.

"What have you named him?" asked Angelina. "We are unable to settle on a name" Maria replied.  "Lazzaro" said three year old Izzy excitedly. "Lazzaro, il mondo, my world".


Isabella - Promise of God
Lazzaro - My helper is God
Angelina - God's messenger

It is my belief that soulmates come together in many lifetimes in many ways. Sometimes as romantic partners but also as friends, siblings, parents / children, grandparents / grandchildren, workmates etc.

Contrary to popular belief that soulmates sometimes come together to tear each other apart, it is my belief that soulmate relationships are always harmonious. That does not mean that they don't face difficulties, but that through those, their relationship remains harmonious. 

I also believe that the term "soulmate" is too loosely used these days. Soul mates recognise each other at the soul level. I believe there is great familiarity, peace, contentment, joy in that recognition and both give each other great strength. I also believe that soulmates incarnate on Earth for a common purpose usually in some service for the good of humanity.

Stay beside me, stay beside me
Say you'll never leave me
How I love you, how I love you
How I need you please believe me
In your arms I found my heaven
And your lips have done their part
Il Mondo
Your love is all I need in my world
Let tender kisses plead in my world
How could I ever live without you
Il Mondo
My heart belongs to you so take it
And promise me you'll never break it
Say you'll stay here in my arms

Gira, il mondo gira
Nello spazio senza fine
Con gli amori appena nati
Con gli amori già finiti
Con la gioia e col dolore
Della gente come me
Un mondo
Soltanto adesso, io ti guardo
Nel tuo silenzio io mi perdo
E sono niente accanto a te
Il mondo
Non si é fermato mai un momento
La notte insegue sempre il giorno
Ed il giorno verrà

Translation from
Spiraling, The world goes around
in limitless space
where the Love has just begun
where the love has been over
where people are happy or hurt
as me
The World
Until now I look at you
I am lost in your silence world
I am nothing beside you
The World
never stops
Night is always following day
And the daylight will come

Written for:
#FridayReflections at The Write Tribe - prompt - Use the lyrics of your favourite song as the basis of a short story or a post

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