Friday, April 3, 2020

A time for Caring and Cats? #atozchallenge #inthelockdown

In The Lockdown - Caring and Cats!

A few days ago, a couple of people posted on Facebook that they were happy to help anyone with food or transport.

It felt good to see that and to know that there are so many caring and kind people who are prepared to risk their lives to help others. It takes a lot of courage to do that. This is a big shout out to them.

So where did the cat come from?  Well my cousin asked if my vlog for day 3 for the letter C was going to talk about cats!

Usually we see cats wandering around my garden but ever since the lockdown, there have been no cats at all - I guess they are in lockdown too.

Today's lines are from the Spanish version of Guantanamera. I thought they were very apt for my post today.

Cultivo una rosa blanca
En junio como en enero
Para el amigo sincero
Que me da su mano franca

I cultivate a white rose
In July the same as in January
For the true friend
Who offers me his true hand in friendship


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Warm Regards

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  1. It's nice that people are reaching out to others with help in this time of crisis.
    Here some NGOs are offering help.
    Bengaluru police distributed food to poor people.
    In our apartment complex, the residents have formed a group to help the housekeeping staff.
    It's nice that such things are happening!

  2. People helping each other is good.
    That's funny, because since the confinement, we have a LOT of cats walking everywhere. More birds too ;)
    C is for Colour

  3. It is such gestures of humanity that keep our hopes alive. Take care, stay safe

  4. Cats must be a bit confused at the moment! It's at times like these we value friendship the most

    My A-Z tale!

  5. What a beautiful thing to do <3

  6. Yes, it is good to see kindness and compassion all around us in these trying times.
    Aah! We do have a new cat loitering in our apartment complex and has taken to pee and poop on our floor! :|


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