Thursday, April 2, 2020

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A to Z Challenge

In The Lockdown - Breaking Boredom

At some point in time, we will encounter boredom while we are all in lockdown.  Especially if the lockdown goes on for a few months. In New Zealand we have been asked to "stay within our bubble". Each bubble is generally your household. So eventually I expect a little boredom will set in.

I'm not sure how you will alleviate boredom if it strikes and I'm not going to provide suggestions because it is individual and personal.

My son has taken up baking muffins. He has a good hand for baking and I'm trying to persuade him to try his hand at baking bread or a pizza base.

My mother continues her knitting. She knits baby blankets and cardigans for the neonatal unit at the hospital. I've also been taking her for a walk around our garden. She enjoys that and gives her a short break everyday.

At the moment this challenge takes up my time after I finsh working so I am definitely not bored. I also plan to go back to my arts and crafts - I haven't done that for a while and I miss that. Crafting and art is very therapeutic.

And as a family we love playing board games in particular scrabble and card games. So now and then we sit together and play some games.  Its a nice way to bond in a difficult time.

My daughter has her own bublle. Her puppy no doubt keeps them entertained and busy.

Today I end this post with the lyrics from the song "A Time For Us"

"A time for us, someday there'll be, a new world
A world of shining hope for you and me"


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  1. It’s funny how people like to bake stuff that’s not really helpful. My nephew likes baking Pizzas from scratch . That’s his contribution to the kitchen duty during lockdown. The video reminded me of the Romeo and Juliet movie that I saw as a teenager. That was a lovely moment in time .

    1. But the muffins were yummy and pizza is yummy too. Yes this is the same movie we say in our Uni days.

  2. I am not much of a baking person.. but I got my daughter to learn some basic cooking in these tough times to beat the boredom . IT seems to work

    1. I think those that like baking find it therapeutic.

  3. Baking, gardening, crafting, reading, everything is good to be occupied! Grea family time by the way, time to play together.
    Quilting Patchwork & Appliqué

    1. Thanks Frederique The AtoZ is keeping me quite busy for now!

  4. Nice to meet you :-)

    I quite appreciate a time-out in my bubble, although I still go to work three days a week.
    For the remainder of the week, however, I do a combination of what you do (blogging for A-Z, obviously) and your son (cooking and baking).

    My B is for Bern, Switzerland's capital, and a look at how our government is organized. Mostly, though, nice sightseeing pictures :-)

    1. Thanks Tamara. Looking forwrd to your Switzerland series. Thanks for dropping by.

  5. Yes, I am listening to a lot of people complaining about boredom. I think, this is the perfect time to revive some old hobbies / interest or learn something new and of course bond with the family. My work from home, AtoZ Challenge and household chores leave me no time to feel bored. :D

    1. Thanks Shilpa. At the moment my day is also pretty full. I would like to learn a new language - maybe Spanish or Italian.

  6. I can hardly bake and I should probably utilize this lockdown time to try out some simple baking recipes. :)

    1. I'm not much of a baker either, though I did bake when the kids were small. Many youtube videos on cooking some very easy recipes too.

  7. My B seems to be only about books. I have reading for my MFA course, fiction and almost anything I can lay my hands on.

  8. Here in India, we have a 21-day lockdown that will end only on April 14. We can go out only for essential shopping.
    The last time I stepped out was last Friday. This confinement is becoming a bit boring and it's a challenge to keep myself refreshed.
    Coincidentally, I am also blogging on a similar theme like yours. :-)


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