Thursday, May 30, 2013

100 Words - Your Call

100 Words On Saturday

When adversity strikes, we can either play the victim or find a way to overcome and move on.

When obstacles are placed in our path, we can either find solutions or we can make the problems bigger.

We can either journey through life viewing it with awe and wonder or we can look for problems at every turn.

We can either live in gratitude and contended or complain about everything and life can either be an adventure or a burden.

Your attitude will determine if your life will be easy or difficult.

In the end it is really your call.

Written for the 100 word prompt "Your Call" hosted by Corinne at Everyday Gyaan

Warm Regards

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Write Tribe - You only live once.

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I don't entirely agree with "you only live once". I think we live a multitude of lifetimes in many dimensions and universes.

Nor do I believe that in each lifetime we live only once. Every moment of every day we are born into a new life.  Hence we shape our path.

But for each moment that you only live once, here are some thoughts on life, my philosophies for daily living:

Y = Yesterday is gone. If you must dwell on it, dwell on the moments that bring you joy
O = Open your heart and mind to the Universe's abundance.
U = Upstream paddling makes life exceedingly difficult. Go with the flow.

O = Obstacles in life are great teachers.
N = Now is the only moment. Stop and smell the roses.
L = Live and let live.
Y = Yoga of Bhakti brings peace of mind

L = Let it be. Let go of that which no longer serves any purpose.
I  = Intuition is a wise guide.
V = View life with awe and wonder and it will be that.
E = Events of our lives are all connected and occur in Divine timing.
      "Synchro Destiny" a term coined by Deepak Chopra, sums that up nicely.

O = Om Shanti - be Zen
N = Never let go of a dream. Dreams do come true.
C = Change is certain. Embrace it gladly.
E = Enjoy life, keep it simple and live within your means.

Life is not a race to the finish nor is it a contest. Life is simply a journey to be enjoyed and savoured.

Sharing my poem on Life from my blog Reflections of my soul

Life is a journey, that is the truth
Feels like a tourney, but no one can lose

Life is an illusion, that is the truth
A temporary vision, like passing youth

Life is a lesson, that is the truth
Each soul's mission, a path to smooth

Life is a moment in time and space
A way we have chosen, and blessed by His grace

Thankful for the gift of life.
And wishing you all a Blessed one.

Written for the Write Tribe prompt "You Only Live Once"

Write Tribe Prompt

Warm Regards

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Write Tribe - Three Friends

image source:

A lonely brown door
Waiting for someone to knock
Waste not a felled tree

A pretty blue line
Outlines the lonely brown door
Pretends to be sky

A little cactus
Enhances beauty of door
Three friends beckoning

Written for the Write Tribe Photo Prompt.

Write Tribe Prompt

Warm Regards

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

100 Words - Dark Secrets

He asked me a lot about her.
She was my friend, smart, intelligent, charming.
She asked me a lot about him.
I thought they were innocent questions.
They were studying together and had got to know each other.

I knew him through another close friend.
They were soon to marry and wedding plans were well under way.
He didn't have the courage to tell her he was seeing someone else.
Then suddenly one day he left.
Left her for the smart, intelligent, charming girl.

A dark secret revealed that completely shattered her world.
If only I had caught on sooner.

Story written for the prompt "Dark Secrets" at:

100 Words On Saturday

Warm Regards

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

100 Words - Quiet Conversations

100 Words On Saturday

Each morning I waited as I stood in line.
I loved those moments when his eyes met mine.
No words needed just the beat of hearts.

His time on earth was over.
So he left for his home in the sky.
Now I lie alone in the darkness and as I listen to the sounds of silence, I close my eyes.
No words needed just connections through thin veils.

And then I pray to the Heavens with devotion and faith.
And in my dreams He comes to me to comfort and love.
No words needed just the fusion of souls.

For 100 Words at Everyday Gyaan

Warm Regards

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Reflections on the A to Z Challenge

The A to Z Challenge was in a word Awesome.

Will I do it again - Absolutely Yes.

I had so much fun.

On some days the brain just froze up and it was a case of "oh Lord save me - bring forth some inspiration" and on other days the words and ideas just flooded through.

What kept me going is the awesome support I got from the AtoZers and from bloggers in the group Thursday Writers' Post. What a great bunch of bloggers they all are.

I'm going to make this post short and sweet as I am technically late for it - 3rd May deadline - but I guess it still is 3rd May somewhere in the world so not too late.

Thanks to Arlee Bird the mastermind behind the AtoZ challenge for making this happen and to all those lovely people who came, and read or dropped a comment on my blog.

If there is one regret it is that I was unable to visit every single blog that took part in this challenge.

Have the most awesome day and keep blogging everyone - I'll be visiting your blogs again for sure.

Warm Regards
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