Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Masks and Making the best of working at home #atozchallenge #inthelockdown

In The Lockdown - Masks and Making the best of working at home

Making the best of working at home.
My dining table has now become my work table.
Grateful I have a job and the ability to work from home. 

Should we wear masks?  So many different opinions on whether masks should be worn or not.

By and large the view is that if you have any symptoms then you should wear a mask as it prevents the spread to others, but that if you are healthy and symptom free then masks don't really protect.

I was impressed by the message given by the Czech Republic on wearing masks. Their message of I protect you, you protect me is quite powerful. (video link).

My view is that if you have a mask or have the ability to make one, wear one. I wore one when I picked up my medicines from the pharmacy and I will wear one again when I pick up my mother's medicines from the pharmacy next week.

Better safe than sorry.

Today's song reminds us of how much we take life for granted until something like this pandemic hits us or when we enter our twilight years.

Yesterday, when I was young
The taste of life was sweet as ran upon my tongue
I teased at life as if it were a foolish game
The way the evening breeze may tease a candle flame 

I ran so fast that time and youth at last ran out
I never stopped to think what life was all about ...

There are so many who will not live to see tomorrow. 
Please stay home, wear a mask if you can 
And save lives.

I love this version by Shirley Bassey


Warm Regards

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  1. In Calcutta, it is now mandatory to wear a mask while stepping out of our houses for essential items. Like you said, prevention is better than cure

  2. We don't have enough masks for our essential workers, so there is no debate about regular folks wearing them. I see some walking around in makeshifts one, they are wearing gloves, too, but then they remove them to grab their wallet, and they touch the display, etc. Not sure how helpful the gear is bottom line.

    My M today is about Migros, Switzerland's grocery chain and its legendary neighborhood grocery bus service.

  3. Love the message of I protect you, you protect me. I think, it's best to wear masks and be safe. My sister and mom are making masks everyday to distribute it to the needy people around. It is mandatory to wear masks here else a fine is imposed on you!

  4. Making of masks has become the world's largest cottage industry now, I am sure!


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