Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Social distancing and a Beakfast Snack #atozchallenge #inthelockdown

In The Lockdown - Social distancing (not for the first time) and a breakfast Snack.

Morning breakfast snack. 
Trying to make it healthy.

Social distancing - how easily it rolls off our tongue now and how good we've become at doing this.

But when I look back at my life, I find that this is not the first time I've been through "social distancing".  Well kind of. 

I remember the Indo Pak war of 1965 and 1971.  I was very little then, but who can forget war.  Each time the air raid sirens went off we had to shut all the windows (which were covered with black card paper), all lights were switched off and we would move away from the windows towards the middle of the house. We were in curfew each evening from 7pm until sunrise and whenever the sirens went off during the day.  I would huddle under the dining table with my dog Snoopy.  While we were allowed outside during the day we pretty much stayed home from dusk to dawn so there wasn't any socialising.

In 1975 a state of emergency was declared in India.  We were not allowed to be in groups of more than 3 on the road otherwise we could be arrested and charged under MISA (Maintenance of Internal Security Act) without any reason. So other than going to school or university, we pretty much stayed at home. Back then we did not have the technologies we have today to keep in touch and phones were expensive. 

Back then we didn't really complain about the situation. It was what it was and we took it in our stride. But we survived that and we will survive this too.  Best to go with the flow and stay positive. The bad times don't stay forever. 

Today I leave you with "Close Every Door".  While we are in lockdown we feel a bit imprisoned but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Enjoy this version by Donny Osmond. 

Close every door to me
Hide all the world from me
Bar all the windows
And shut out the light

Do what you want with me
Hate me and laugh at me
Darken my daytime
And torture my night

If my life were important
I would ask "Will I live or die?"
But I know the answers lie
Far from this world ...


Warm Regards

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  1. Oh sorry, I wrote the wrong comment.... the comment for this post I put in Quit India so I won't repeat it....

  2. Hiding during war time sounds much more concerning than just a lockdown. Hopefuly, "the bad times don't stay forever"...
    S is for Scherenschnitte

  3. A perfect song for today. The other one that comes to mind is We Shall Overcome.

  4. I remember the Emergency days. Social distancing is here to stay, for quite some time for sure.

  5. For me this is the first time something like this happened. Switzerland is so stable and safe. We have the occasional snow and ice, but otherwise?

    "it is what it is" still applies, and I can handle it well on most days. Keeping busy is helpful.

    My S is for our airline Swissair that later became Swiss:

  6. Loved the song and it's wonderful that you have seen many great events in your lifetime. Thanks for sharing this with us today.

    Joy always.

  7. I was born during the 71 war and my parents often tell us what you have shared. Yes, we passed that phase and this will pass too. But I just hope that we remember the lessons that this lock down has taught us!


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