Sunday, June 12, 2016

Embracing the Journal Again #SoCS #FridayReflections

I love paper so it's not surprising that all through my childhood and youth I spent hours making things out of paper and writing letters to hundreds of penpals. And in amongst all that I also kept a diary.

Then as youth faded into adulthood, the diary became a thing of the past and journaling a forgotten activity.

Then along came the web and my blogs became my journals.  Alongside that I tried to resurrect the diary but after a couple of pages my enthusiasm waned.

In late 2015 I took up watercolour painting and one morning during my browsing for art supplies and Christmas presents I found a set of journals that I simply had to buy.

I thought a lot about journaling again bnt couldn't bring myself to start. Then as I started searching youtube for watercolour tutorials I came across the concept of the art journal. And that I embraced eagerly.

There is no set pattern for journaling. I journal when I feel the need to. Art journaling is so much fun and pictures speak a thousand words. I do write some short notes about the page - mostly why I did that page and if I tried any new techniques.

Sharing some pages from my mixed media art journal.

In the darkness someone lights a candle that ignites your soul 
- taken from my story "For I have talked with God"


Today's entry - I needed to reach out to my soul 
and that was best done listening to Santana's Samba Pa Ti

Written for:
#FridayReflections - Do you keep a journal?
#SoCS - Stream of Consciousness - just writing no editing - prompt = a word that has the letters "mb"

Do you journal?  Would love to hear your stories so do share by leaving a comment or write a post.

Warm Regards

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