Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday Thoughts - The Three Things You Can Rely On

A Warrior of the Light knows his own faults. But he also knows his qualities.
He knows that the gazelle's power lies in its strong legs. The power of the seagull lies in its accuracy to spear a fish. He has learned that the tiger does not fear the hyena because he is aware of his own strength.
He tries to establish what he can truly rely on. And he always checks that he carries three things with him faith, hope and love.
If these three things are there, he does not hesitate to go forward.
                                                                                                         ~ Warrior of the Light  Paulo Coelho

Hope is the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.  Always live in hope even if at the time there doesn't seem to be any. Hope fosters a positive attitude to any situation.

Faith is the belief that is not based on proof. Faith is knowing that what you hope for and ask for will occur without a shadow of doubt.

Love in this context is the emotion of human kindness and compassion. That also means towards yourself.

Over the years through life experiences I have learned that not only can we not do it all on our own, but that the key to success is to
  • identify and acknowledge our limitations and then find those that complement us
  • know our strengths and use them well
When I live in hope, I approach life with a positive attitude. And having identified and acknowledged my strengths and weaknesses, I can move forward with the faith that success is certain.

This however does not mean that the path to success and the fulfillment of my dreams is easy.

I have found that whenever I am in a situation that tests my patience and tolerance, if I am able to treat myself and the situation with love (as in kindness in this context), I can usually deal with it a whole lot better as it keeps me calm and avoids anger. And when I am calm, I can think better.

Hope, faith and love are pathways to happiness. And when we're happy, we enjoy life.

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