Saturday, July 9, 2011

List It - What motivates me to go to work each day

      My motivations

      o    To earn money - Much as I would like to say money is not important, it is. We need money
                                      to survive because we live in a physical world.

      o    To learn - Not only does every new job teach me something, but I learn something everyday.
                            I believe that every new job that I do, I am moving towards my lifework and that is
      o    To grow - Facing challenges at home and at work are quite different - both provide me with
                             opportunities to grow as a person. Most challenges I face are  positive and enjoyable
                             but there are others that sometimes test me and push me beyond what I think I can
                             cope with easily. These challenges are growth accelerators.

      o    To teach - Sharing of knowledge is very satisfying and watching people learn from you is very

      o    To meet people - Human beings need to interact with each other. People are so fascinating.
                                       Meeting and observing people provide opportunities for relationship building.

       o   To have fun -  Doing work that you enjoy, learning, growing and interacting with people
                                  is so much fun.

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