Saturday, July 30, 2011

Question of the day - What is your happiest childhood memory


And what makes it so special?

This is a real easy one to answer.

I was six years old when my dad bought me a puzzle book. I can't remember the book but have a vague recollection of stick figures.

Each night after dinner we would sit together and solve a page of puzzles.

Doing puzzles with him was so much fun and my dad was so kind.  He was the kindest man I ever knew.

Why is this so special?  Because this was my time with dad - just him and me. After solving a page of puzzles, I always skipped to bed, I was so happy.

I love doing puzzles and I think it's because of those puzzles I did with dad as a six year old.

Over the years and right until he died, he and I often did puzzles together. Sudoku was our favourite, still is for me.

I narrated this story at his funeral because it is special to me.

Dad, someday when we meet again, we'll do those puzzles together.

Please share your memories.

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