Sunday, July 31, 2011

Snapshot of my week - Exciting

It snowed! I was so excited it snowed.

It rarely snows in my city. In fact in the last 23 years this is the second time it has snowed.

We get a lot of hail but not snow.

The picture on the left was taken when it had just started snowing (Monday, 25 July 2011)

Unfortunately we aren't high enough for the snowfall to be heavy and settle. But snow is snow and it was fun to watch. But it was so c-o-l-d.  The coldest day in the last 16 years, and we felt it.

Got to know this week that I am an aunt again to a totally adorable niece. And she has a facebook page!

Watched the All Blacks (New Zealand rugby team) thrash South Africa last night. The ABs should be called something else now as their jerseys are no longer "all black".

Went window shopping with my friend Fi. I have my eye on a few clothes but will wait for the sales.

It was an exciting week.

Check out these pics of snow in the Wellington region Snow pics 1  Snow pics 2

Hope you had an exciting and awesome week too.

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  1. Wow! Awesome that you saw snow at your place - I was working in the city so no snow there.

    And congratulations on your new niece :-) My sister is getting married soon, so I can't wait to be an aunty!

  2. Thanks Kat. My little niece is so cute but she lives in the US so keeping in touch via facebook is great.
    Yes it was so exciting to see the snow.


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