Friday, July 15, 2011

List It - What makes me Smile?

   Things that make me smile

      o  my kids - they are my strength and joy. We have such fun together. Smiles galore.
      o  flowers - are so pretty. They always make me feel zen.

      o  friends with a sense of humour -  I have some real fun friends. They always lift me up and
          make me smile.

      o  babies - They are just so cute. They either give you the biggest toothless smile or they look at
          you and everything around them with this look of awe and wonder. How can you not smile?

      o  songs - There are very few songs that don't make me smile.

      o  singing - I love to sing and even when the kids yell "Mum please stop", the smile is on my face.

      o  dancing - I love to dance and dancing just lifts my spirits - smiling is so easy then.

      o  someone smiling at me - Smiles are like yawns, they catch on fast. So when someone smiles at
          me I have to smile back. how can I not?

      o  beautiful scenery - just makes me feel happy. And when I'm happy I smile.

      o  shopping - no explanation required.

      o  ice cream - yum. guaranteed smile.

 So what makes you smile?



  1. - Being outside
    - Achieving the end of a project (no matter how small)
    - Having some time to literally do nothing and recharge

    I like your list too - especially the last point!

  2. Thanks Kat - love your points too.


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