Sunday, July 17, 2011

Snapshot of my week - fun filled

A fun filled week even though the electricity went off each morning at work just as I was in the middle of an important document - many wt.. moments. You have to laugh at times like that.

Met up with ex colleagues from another time and place. Always love meeting up with them. It's like the years just melt away.

Shopping for clothes with my friend Fi is always great fun. Nothing really caught my eye but it was fun. Friday night I watched the Trinny and Susannah show. Not sure about some of their clothes but loved Susannah's "Blondes have fun, but Brunettes turn heads".

On Friday we had a mini golf tournament at work. Check out my post Eye of the Tiger on my blog Photos are fun

Weather wise, a bit up and down this week - either way it's been c o l d.

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