Sunday, July 13, 2014

UBC Jul 13 - Listen and Heed

Ultimate Blogging Challenge  and  NaBloPoMo - Day 13

Sometimes we need a shake to wake us up.

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Sometimes the Universe sends a little difficulty our way, a little reminder to change something in our lives.

Often it's just a little nudge and if we take heed at that time it improves our life easily by aligning us on the path we are meant to take or in keeping our mind, body and spirit healthy and fit.

If we ignore its little nudges, it will eventually shake us and wake us up so that we are compelled to listen.

My post is very relevant today as last week the Universe gave me a little nudge. And if I don't listen, it will eventually shake me up.

Listen and heed.

Warm Regards

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  1. The nudges and shakes are required to keep us going Suzy. I do believe that the universe sends us so many subtle signs...a lot many of those, that we probably don't recognize sometimes.

  2. Oh dear Suzy- your post made me reflect ... Thank you - yes, so true.. Hope you are ok. Sending warm thoughts

  3. I know what you mean - sometimes we can sail through life and we need something unexpected to make us make more of ourselves!

  4. The little nudges are clues sent to us by the higher forces and one should be tuned in to respond to the stimuli.

  5. You are right! We should always listen to them. Most of the times, they lead us to our destination!

  6. The nudges speak more than the shocks. They if taken seriously can prevent a lot... Prevention better than cure..


  7. Today's thought. I appreciated it, especially first thing in the a.m.

  8. Those nudges and shocks can really rock a person's world if you let them. Hope all is well now.

  9. Very well articulated. We often tend to ignore those little nudges and end up paying a big price for it sometimes when the shock comes later. Thanks Suzy for a timely reminder!

  10. True, we get the nudges all the time, but we tend to ignore them most of the time and the result is for us to see and regret later!

  11. True, Suzy!
    The Universe has its strange ways :)
    Nice that you figured it out :)


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