Sunday, July 27, 2014

UBC Jul 27 - Five Days of Gratitude

Ultimate Blogging Challenge  and  NaBloPoMo - Day 27

Gratitude makes you focus on the positive things in your life

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The 5 days of gratitude is currently doing the rounds on facebook. And I was tagged by SulekhaSwathi and Gayatri. Thank you all  for thinking of me.

So here's a round up of my 5 days

Day 1 - July 21
1. So thankful that finally my blood tests were normal after almost a year of constant checking. So relieved. Thank you God.
2. Thankful for heating on a very cold day.
3. Nice to see so many different birds flock to my garden today.

Day 2 - July 22
1. Thankful for peace in my part of the world.
2. Thankful that my family is healthy, safe and warm.
3. Thankful for good food and clean water.

Day3 - July 23
1. Thankful my mum is feeling better - she tore the ligaments of her knee a few weeks ago
2. Grateful to my son for taking my mum for her treatment before heading off to Uni so I didn't have to take a day off.
3. Grateful for time on the bus to do some reading.

Day 4 - July 24
1. I got to visit the Supreme Court today as a special tour from work. It's an awesome building. So thrilled.
2, Grateful for kind friends who go out of their way to help even when they aren't feeling too well. God Bless them.
3. Grateful for a sunny day. Even though it was very cold, at least the sun was shining.

Day 5 - July 25
1. Thankful to everyone who has liked my facebook page Suzy's Ilation I reached 200 likes today
2. Thankful for yummy cake that my manager brought to work today and for yummy yum char my mom bought for me today.
3. Thankful for music that brings me joy and for those who post on facebook so we can enjoy music that we don't have in our music collection

Enjoy your day.

Warm Regards

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  1. That was a cool idea Suzy! Tying up the entire challenge into a blog post :)
    Gratitude indeed makes us ignore the negatives and count our blessings. It's almost magical if embraced as a habit.

  2. I love this challenge. Perhaps I should consider doing something similar and writing down my daily gratitudes or even just tweeting it. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am thankful for this group of friends, at Write tribe, who write such beautiful posts and comments on each others' blogs too. Loved your 5 days of gratitude. God Bless

  4. this is a bouquet of gratitudes you have listed out Suzy. Counting the gratitudes makes us forget the little cribbings that we carry in the bag of our heart.

  5. Liked the way you have converted the FB tag into a post, Suzy! Cool!
    That's a lot to be thankful for and remembering all these brings about more positivity in our life. :)

  6. Nice to read all of the challenge in one place. It was a great challenge but then you always seem to reflect on things to be grateful for! :)

  7. nice! :)
    this is a great challenge to feel positive and happy about lives..


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