Sunday, July 20, 2014

UBC Jul 20 - The Vision

Ultimate Blogging Challenge  and  NaBloPoMo - Day 20

Don't ignore the vision that is planted in your brain.

image from my facebook page Suzy's Ilation

Often we see in our mind's eye a vision of something - maybe a house, or a job, travel, people. Sometimes these visions are planted in our dreams, sometimes during a meditation session, sometimes by something someone says or something you read, or just an opportunity that is thrown your way.

And when that vision recurs or resonates deeply with us, then we should explore that vision for it may be clues to our destiny. That's my belief anyway.

All my blogs Someday Somewhere (this blog),  Photos are Fun,  and Reflections of my soul (my poems) began with a vision that was planted in my brain.

The temple in the sky (the picture in this post) with its uncanny resemblance to the Dwarkadheesh Temple in Gujarat, India,  is another vision that's been planted in my brain. I have yet to explore what that means.

Don't ignore the vision that is planted in your brain for you never know where that vision may lead.

This thought was inspired by the song Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel

Happy dreaming, happy visions.

Warm Regards

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  1. so true. vision is important for any activity to sustain

  2. And even if your vision does not turn out exactly as expected at least you will never keep wondering "What if ...?" if you do follow that vision to reality.

  3. So true! In life our vision is what takes us forward.

  4. Interesting! I do not remember a vivid vision that I come across but there are several brief flashes of places, people and objects. I'm sure they mean something.

  5. I actually replant my visions every night as I drift off to sleep - adding details colors and more visions!
    Now off to listen to Simon and Garfunkel!
    HUGS <3

  6. Visions can help us achieve our heart's desires x

  7. I agree with you and everything happens for a reason. I feel there is a plan designed before every thought and who knows it may just be the start of extraordinary things.

  8. I love that Simon and Garfunkel song. I remember getting out the cassette tape from the library when I was about 12 and playing it over and over again. Good message in it, for sure. We need to pay attention to these visions.I think very visually anyhow and in my writing, I get a vision or image first before any words come. Good to pay attention to our visions and act on them as they are important!

  9. When I saw the phrase in the image, I immediately started humming Sounds of Silence before I reached the end of your post! I also believe in the power of consonnance. This is where I think of something and simultaneously another person or event happens to make complete sense of that event. It is beautiful to read this, first thing in the morning, Suzy. Bless you!

  10. Suzy it very true that we must follow are vision. Nice post.

  11. And the vision softly true, Suzy! We must take these seriously!

  12. It is the vision that leads us on. Ignore it we are lost.

  13. I love, love what you've written!!! Yes, those visions are there for a reason!

  14. Yes, beautiful post dear Suzy. The visions are there for a reason... and often the beginning of something good... So they should be followed:-)

  15. Yes, these happens with me as well. Some flashes occur all of a sudden. The picture of temple in the sky resembles one. A nice post.


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