Wednesday, July 16, 2014

UBC Jul 16 - Beauty comes from within

Ultimate Blogging Challenge  and  NaBloPoMo - Day 16

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This afternoon while I waited for my food to be warmed, I aimlessly flicked through a magazine. My mind was a million miles away so I wasn't really paying attention to the pages.

Then suddenly the words "beautiful skin from the inside" caught my eye and again as I flicked through the pages, the words went around and around in my head.

So today's daily thought is adapted from those words.

The human race is so obsessed with beauty. Unfortunately of the external kind. But external beauty is temporary. What prevails is the beauty within - beautiful mind, beautiful heart, and good health.

When we see someone and think how beautiful, it's not their looks we see, but the light that shines from within them. Babies and little children are perfect examples of beauty shining through from within. No make up needed there.

So be like the baby. Be beautiful, stay beautiful.

Warm Regards

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  1. Yes it is sad that too much time, energy, attention and money are being spent on keeping only the external beautiful. And it is done often by shoving under the rug or by merely covering up all that is truly ugly and horrendous in the inner nature. If only we can really cleanse our insides, the true beauty could shine through from inside out.

  2. People are too shallow to try and look for inner beauty. Beautiful article, Suzy

  3. Well said. While the outer beauty attracts, it is the inner beauty that captivates! It is the inner beauty that will live forever!

  4. A lot of truth in your words. As Shilpa points out, the beauty attracts us, but the beauty from within keeps up there.

  5. cannot agree more Suzy... the beauty outside is so ephemeral.. what stays even after you have left the planet is the beauty withinh

  6. I agree, truth and beauty both lie within and we must clear and clean of heart to find it. Well expressed.

  7. So true, Suzy. External beauty is fleeting and fades as we age but inner beauty is everlasting and much more redeeming. Too bad everyone is so focused on how we look on the outside and don't take the time to get to know the internal beauty. They miss so much.

  8. You are right, the human condition is caught up in appearance. Let's hope it changes!

  9. Such a good point. My sister, who outwardly is losing strength and in the last stage with cancer, looks so very beautiful to me. Her sweet spirit shines through.

  10. Insightful!! I wish many people realize this simple yet true fact! :) Loved ur write, always :)

    Visit me @taleoftwotomatoes

  11. Lovely click and beautiful thoughts. //Babies and little children are perfect examples of beauty shining through from within.// well said.


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