Monday, July 21, 2014

UBC Jul 21 - Perspective

Ultimate Blogging Challenge  and  NaBloPoMo - Day 21

Change your perspective

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Have you been in a situation where you were either going round in circles with no end in sight or travelling down a road that seemed to take you nowhere, or come to a dead end, or in an anxious or upsetting situation?

That's a good time to step back and change your perspective.

Sometime ago my son came home in despair. The presentation of his group came under great criticism and he was afraid he was going to fail. He had also challenged his tutors and they got more critical because of that so eventually he stayed quiet and simply listened. 

My instinct was to of course panic a bit and then give him a earful for not putting in enough effort and for challenging the tutors. But that would have been completely futile and de-motivating.

Besides, the results weren't out, he had put in a lot of effort despite being quite sick, feedback is always quite subjective and actually he was obviously confident about his work. 

He had also learned a few lessons - not to depend on others, that it was okay to challenge but also to back off when things were not moving in the right direction.

So instead we put this project to bed and focussed on the next one. In the end, he didn't fail that project and he did well enough in the next one to get a very good final grade. 

If things are not going the way you intend it to go, change your perspective. You may find the answers lie in another direction.

May you find all answers today.

Warm Regards

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  1. Rightly said. At times all that we need is to move a little back, look at and asses the situation and change our perspective.

  2. That's well said.
    To change your perspective is important. Often we do it very late or sometimes we don't.

  3. Such a lovely thought! Changing perspective helps, I am so glad that your son did well in his projects.

  4. Perfectly agree.. instead of changing others or changing our surroundings, it is easier to change our selves. Our thinking , our decisions are in our hands..but most of the time, we try changing what is not in our control..

  5. Easier to do than it seems!

  6. Agree Suzy and I am often stuck like this. It's the best thing to do and experiment for a brand new outlook.

  7. Wonderful thought! Agree, changing the way we look at the issue or problem at hand can do wonders! Glad that it worked out for your son too :)

  8. Every time I come to your blog Suzy I find something that I need at that point in time...Even today...And yes changing the way we look at an issue, changing our perspective does really help .. And I will do that now...Thank You!

  9. Great story and great advice, Suzy! Blessings!

  10. Wise words, Suzy! Glad everything worked out for your son in spite of his concerns.

  11. I agree Suzy! In some situations, all we need to do is change our perspective! Then maybe the problem wont appear as big as it did

  12. well said! I agree with you.. I've changed perspectives and directions when things haven't been going well and it has helped quite a bit!

    congratulations to your son for his good grades :)

  13. I love how you connect little anecdotes along with such a beautiful message! Completely agree! Love!

  14. Message Beautifully Conveyed...


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