Wednesday, July 9, 2014

UBC Jul 9 - Bite Size Chunks

Ultimate Blogging Challenge  and  NaBloPoMo - Day 9

Tackle in bite size chunks.

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My to do list just keeps growing and growing. It seems like I just can't get ahead of it and then as the list grows, the will to tackle it slowly disappears.

I'm really good at to do lists at work. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I tackle in bite size chunks. I just need to apply the same for all the home chores.

And in keeping with the theme today, I'll make my post bite size.

Happy tackling - in bite size chunks of course.

Warm Regards

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  1. This works really well for me too - doing things a little at a time so that I don't get overwhelmed.

  2. I find this really works for me. I have just come in from gardening for a break and do some indoor stuff and will then head out later to do some more gardening.

  3. Very good advice, Suzy. I often feel overwhelmed with all my projects and end up procrastinating as a result which isn't a good way to deal with it. I have a goal to finish my novel and a synopsis for a SCBWI conference in October but I'm procrastinating because of fear of failure. I need to push through that fear, make a schedule breaking it into bite size chunks as you said, and JUST DO IT! If I fail, at least I can say I did it. Sorry to rant but your post reminded me of all my unfinished projects that I want to do.

  4. Indeed, Suzy - Bite Size Chunks are the secret - for tasks and for learning.
    When things are bite-size you get them over and done with before you know it!
    When things are bite-size you want more.
    When things are bite-size, you are repeatedly creating opportunities for success.

    As a Pedagogical Artist, this is what I teach and train - Small Chunks of Learning. In fact, for years I ran a whole program based on daily 10-minute sessions.
    HUGS <3

  5. Happy tackling. A beautiful flower growing to explore the small joys and life's complexities:)

  6. Most of the time breaking down things into smaller parts helps! Lovely post :)
    And a lovely award awaits you on my blog :)

  7. I make lists and then give up, overwhelmed. Breaking the tasks down into bite sized chunks is a great idea.

  8. This is so true. It's the only way to motivate myself.

  9. Bite size post with a deep message :) Nice one, Suzy. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by "all that which needs to be done" it is better to start with one small thing and do it well. Sometimes I feel too much of multi-tasking also robs us of our inner poise which we need to get things done.

  10. Bite size chunks - It's good advice, advice that I somehow forget all the time. I've had to force myself to "chunk" for my latest life challenge, as my husband gains guardianship of his younger brother, who is developmentally disabled. So much to do. Your post was short but informative- enjoyed. RamblinwithAM

  11. loved this gentle reminder....yeah...bite size chunks definitely work wonders

  12. Good to remember because I always allow myself to become overwhelmed by what seems like a HUGE to do list! A lil at a time gets it all done eventually!

  13. I am list person too. Making lists simply simplifies the tasks at hand and gives that much needed focus too! yes tackle in bite size chunks... agree completely!


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