Wednesday, July 2, 2014

UBC Jul 2 - The Choices We Make

Ultimate Blogging Challenge  and  NaBloPoMo - Day 2

The choices we make and the attitude we have determine the way in which we reach our destiny or if you are a goal setter, the way you reach your goal

This quote was taken from my post on Destiny

image from my facebook page Suzy's Ilation

Often the path we walk is not a smooth ride as we would like it to be. But we can choose to make life more difficult with negative thinking or make it a little bearable by holding positive thoughts, living in faith and hope.

I also know that it is difficult to sustain positive thinking all the time, and it is okay to feel the fear, sadness, anger whatever emotion you are going through. But the trick is to not dwell too long in that state.

Know that the bad times will pass and that you will find that inner strength to take you through it.

Make positive choices.

Have a sunny day.

Warm Regards

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  1. Inspiring and encouraging thoughts, Suzy!

  2. Motivating way to start the day.. Positive thoughts -will lead to constructive actions - and desirable results.

  3. Thank you for those words. I'm having a good day already :)

  4. What a lovely quote and one I am about to pin on my "Happy" Board.

    Popping by to say bonjour from the other side of the world via UBC :)

  5. I loved the take away message :)

  6. True that! The choices that we make in life, will make our life!

  7. Suzy, this very inspiring. Loved reading it.

  8. The choices we make define who we are. Very inspirational, Suzy :)

    My UBC Day 2 post

  9. This post strongly resonates my own thoughts. You attract what you think and believe. Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Love it, Suzy. You have such wisdom. I always feel better after reading your posts and they remind me of what's important and not to sweat the small stuff which is nothing in the broader scheme of things.

  11. It's a good lesson that your post has taught, building confidence further more. Keep it up!

  12. Always look forward to read ur heart warming comments. Best for the challenge:)

  13. So true and right, time is a great healer and sets things in order. All the best for the UBC.

  14. Very inspiring quote. Thanks for sharing this Suzy. The words have helped me think better of a current dilemma I'm in...
    Visit me @TaleoftwoTomatoes

  15. The power of choice is a gift. Ours to use.

  16. So true, we hold the the choices we make! Your posts always inspire me Suzy! Love!

  17. Encouraging words, Suzy. I like the fact that your recognize that we all can fall prey to negative thoughts and emotions but the important thing is to not dwell on those for too long. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Surely wise words! Indeed our choices affect us ina way we never think of!

  19. I wish I could get your positivity Suzy :)


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