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UBC Jul 7 - Universe Always Answers But Do We Listen?

Ultimate Blogging Challenge  and  NaBloPoMo - Day 7

The Universe always answers, but do we listen?

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At present I am taking part in the ABC Wednesday meme from my Photos Are Fun blog and last week we were at the letter Y. I always end up with yellow so this time I decided I was going to post something different.

Don't know why but I kept thinking of Lord Ganesha. So eventually looked up all the different names he is known by and came across four with the letter Y.

I held off for a while wondering if I should choose one of the names, when pictures of Lord Ganesha started appearing on TV and Facebook, as if confirming for me that I should go for it.

And so I did.

Whenever we have questions, or doubts or even require confirmation that we are on the right path, the Universe will find a way to communicate with us. But we do need to be alert. Fifteen years ago I would not have joined the dots. Now as I am more aware, I often find the answers are given.

But do we listen and take heed?  Often not. I am also guilty of ignoring the answers, usually because it's not the one I want to hear. But I have never regretted the times I have heeded the call and taken that leap of faith.

Trust in the Universe, and when it answers, do listen.

Warm Regards

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  1. It's so true Suzy and as humans, we want our prayers to be answered fast but patience matters a lot:)

  2. Lovely post, we don't listen as much as we should lol x

  3. I'm guilty of not always listening to the answers when they're given. Like you, I think it's because they're not always the answers that I want to hear.

  4. True. There are so many signs the universe is constantly sending our way. If only we could recognize those and use them wisely.
    Thanks for this insightful reminder Suzy!

  5. Thoughtful post, Suzy! I just saw your Y post too. Lovely Lord Ganesha :) I agree with you there about not listening to the answer because that's not we hope for or wish for...If only we can let go of this personal preference for what we think is the right answer for us!

  6. Suzy, your post has come at a crucial time for me. i am seeking answers and am looking for signs. Hope I get my reply soon.

  7. Be patient. And that's the least thing we have...

  8. Lovely post! Yes most of the times we don't want to accept the answers that we are getting only because those are not the answers that we desired.

  9. The thing is Suzy, sometimes we don't realize that the Universe is speaking to us ...that takes knowledge and experience not only an open heart. HUGS <3

  10. Universe does throw up silent hints and clues but our mind should be tuned on the same wavelength to receive the signals.

  11. Great! Yes, we do get answers all the time, and I just love it when I actually notice them, even if I do ignore them. I am getting several prods at the moment to detox my life, day one starts tomorrow after a week of 'hints'. Your post resonated with me today, thank you for the reminder.

  12. Agree, we are guided with the signs from the Universe! All we need is to see and understand them! Loved your Y and Ganesha experience! :)

  13. When we take the time to sit back, be still, and be with God, listening and watching for what He might present to us, revelation is a sure thing! Beautiful description of how this works in our lives, Suzy! Blessings!

  14. True Suzy.. The universe has its way of giving signs but we often over look them!

  15. Beautifully written post coupled with amazing capture... you are inspiring me a little with every post... Thank You.


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