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UBC Jul 24 - Success Is Uniquely Defined

Ultimate Blogging Challenge  and  NaBloPoMo - Day 24

Success is defined uniquely by each person. Strive to attain yours not someone else's.

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Each individual uniquely defines success. There is no one standard benchmark for all human beings.

We have all come into this world with our individual purpose. Trying to achieve success as defined by another individual is a sure way to fail.

Set your own benchmark for success and then strive to achieve it rather than trying to achieve someone else's.

This Gujarati song written by the poet Narsinh Mehta (1414 – 1481) (Mahatma Gandhi's favourite hymn) sums up success for me very nicely.

Vaishnav jan to tene kahiye je        One who is a Vaishnav (true devotee of God)
Peed paraayi jaane re                         Knows the pain of others
Par-dukhkhe upkaar kare toye      Helps those who are in misery
Man abhimaan na aane re                Without letting pride enter his mind
Sakal lok maan sahune vande        Tolerates and praises the entire world
Nindaa na kare keni re                        Does not censure anyone
Vaach kaachh man nishchal raakhe     Keeps his/her words, actions, thoughts pure
Dhan-dhan janani teni re                   The mother of such a one is blessed

Sam-drishti ne trishna tyaagi          Sees all equally, has renounced greed & avarice
Par-stree jene maat re                        Respects women as he respects his own mother
Jivha thaki asatya na bole                 Never speaks a false word
Par-dhan nav jhaale haath re           Never touches the wealth of others

Moh-maaya vyaape nahi jene            Does not succumb to worldly attachments
Dridh vairaagya jena man maan re    And is detached from worldly pleasures
Ram naam shoon taali re laagi           Is intoxicated by the name of God (Shri Ram)
Sakal tirath tena tan maan re             All holy sites of pilgrimage are embodied
                                                                          within him/her

Van-lobhi ne kapat-rahit chhe           Who has no greed and deceit
Kaam-krodh nivaarya re                       Who has renounced lust and anger
Bhane Narsaiyyo tenu darshan karta    The poet Narsi would like to see such a one
Kul ekoter taarya re                                By whose virtue, his/her entire lineage
                                                                          attains salvation
Youtube - Vaishnav jan to

This song always reminds me of my dad and my paternal grandmother. This was their life. I was privileged to have known two amazing souls and I miss them both.

Wish you success in all you do - however you define it.

Warm Regards

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  1. Hi Suzy. I've had this happen more than once where I get into the rut of comparing myself and my level of success to others. It can be very stressful so I often remind myself that there's only one of me and the spot for someone else has already been taken. This helps me stay on my personal success track.

  2. You're right...and sometimes it's the smallest successes that provide the most satisfaction. Even just showing up counts (once in a while).

  3. Love this. I hadn't seen it before

  4. Oh yes success means different things to different people, Suzy. You were blessed to have two individuals to show you the way to true success. Thank you for sharing this song - it's beautiful.

  5. It is about trying to do our own personal best, isn't it? Unfortunately, we tend to compare ourselves to others so often we forget the harm it actually does to us. I must admit I was just recently comparing 'success' in terms of blogging/writing and feeling a bit sorry for myself but your post made me realise the only person I need to compare myself to is me! :) Thanks for the timely message Suzy...

  6. Guilty as charged. As much as I try, I tend to compare myself to others and then get depressed. I am fortunate to have people around me who shout my praises often enough that it puts it into perspective. Thank you for the kick in the right direction. You were so blessed to have had your dad and your grandmother as examples.

  7. I love this song. And you were lucky to have such wonderful souls in your life.

  8. Another reassuring post, Suzy. You're the best! I think all of us buy into the whole success trap thinking we need a lot of money, a lot of fancy stuff, and a fancy career to be successful. When we don't attain it, we feel like a failure.I have often done that to myself. Good to be reminded that I define my success and not others. Thanks, Suzy! I loved that song, too. I'd love to hear it sung in the original language. Bet it's lovely.


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