Friday, July 25, 2014

UBC Jul 25 - Acceptance

Ultimate Blogging Challenge  and  NaBloPoMo - Day 25

Accept that some things cannot be changed

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Just like the shore accepts the ebb and flow of the tide, just like day follows the night, just like both the sun and rain are needed for life to flourish, there are some things that cannot be changed and need to be accepted.

Some years ago I attended a Stephen Covey course based on his book The 7 Habits of Highly Successful people.  One of the things that is etched in my brain is the circle of influence. In essence we can control our actions and not the actions of others and where we've earned some goodwill, we can influence to some degree.

And as it is way past my bedtime, I accept that I cannot turn back time and that it is time to sleep and hence I need to call it a day.

Goodnight folks.

Warm Regards

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  1. Yes! Somethings cannot be changed.
    Nice post
    Dropping by from UBC :)

  2. It's so true. Sometimes you just have to learn from it what you can and move on.

    Dannii -

  3. Accepting change is more peaceful... sometimes you can see new opportunities in acceptance.

  4. I loove the book by Stephen Covey. Agree with Rajlakshmi and sometimes opportunities is hidden in change which may appear like storm but peace is hidden within:)

  5. Acceptance doesn't come easily in all cases! But I guess we need to learn it, if there isn't anything we can do to change it!

  6. Oh yes, the older I get, the more acceptance resonates with me, Suzy! I like how you linked Stephen Covey's 'Circle of Influence' theory to acceptance.

  7. Acceptance is something we all need to learn if we hope to be content in life. Another reassuring and thoughtful post. Thanks, Suzy!

  8. Sometimes that is so hard to accept -- the things we cannot change. Goodnight, sweet dreams :)


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