Tuesday, July 22, 2014

UBC Jul 22 - Collective Consciousness

Ultimate Blogging Challenge  and  NaBloPoMo - Day 22

Collective Consciousness is powerful

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We live in turbulent times. In the last few years natural disasters of a catastrophic nature have occurred all over the world along with man made disasters like the tragic shooting down of MH17.

TV News and newspapers highlight disaster stories, facebook posts focus on the terrible things going on.

If you believe in the law of attraction and that thoughts create, I can't help thinking that perhaps a little shift in our thoughts may bring about a shift in the world.

Collective consciousness is powerful and perhaps if all of us were to focus on the wonder and goodness in this world, we may be able to collectively make a more positive change.

Perhaps there is a greater plan in each disaster. Perhaps those wonderful souls on MH17 sacrificed their lives to show us all the futility of war. Let not their deaths be in vain.

Please join me in praying for peace here on Earth and for departed souls.

Warm Regards

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  1. In your peace praying I join. May Lord give strength to the surviving members of the affected Families.

  2. I too pray for those souls and their families too...I just hope their deaths are not in vain...

  3. I need to think about all of the good in my life the next couple of days especially. Because I am currently going through heart ache and it's so very painful.

  4. Such a tragedy! My prayers are with the families of the passengers and crew of the flight.

  5. So much hate in the world, and so much love. I wonder, a lot, can good really triumph over evil? It seems the victories of good are so fleeting, and the evil ones so powerful. The downing of an innocent flight, I fear, will happen again, one day. Alana visiting from UBC.

  6. Mass murders everywhere... bleeds the hearts of everyone...

  7. The world is teetering from insane to dangerous. But tomm may always bring hope.


  8. :(
    such a tragic turn of events...
    sending out prayers to those who lost their lives and their loved ones..

  9. The recent tragedy of Malaysian Airlines adds to the pain. Such loss of humanity!! Prayers for their loved ones.


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