Friday, April 28, 2017

When will we learn ... #atozchallenge letter W @AprilA2Z

My theme for the 2017 AtoZ Challenge is "Daily Thoughts".

Each day I will post a thought that comes to mind. The first word of the thought will correspond with the letter of the day.

Usually I write about one thought, today I'll add a few and let you ponder over them.

So here are my thoughts for the letter W

Wellington New Zealand

When will we learn that war is not the way to peace.
Only peace is the way to peace.

When will we learn that we are one race, the human race.

When will we learn to take all actions with love and compassion
that benefit the many

When will we learn that all beings carry the spark of Divinity,
that we all come from the same source.

When will we learn that eventually when we return to our maker,
all we take with us is the spiritual knowledge that we gained
and the love we shared.

Which of these thoughts resonates with you? Share in the comments below.

If you do leave a comment, please make it easy for me and add a link to your blog / post. Thanks.

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Warm Regards

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  1. I'll go with, "When will we learn to take all actions with love and compassion
    that benefit the many". It doesnt takes much to show kindness, lend a patient ear or a helping hand, or just be there for someone, but it makes a huge impact and difference in the other person's life. I wish we learn to more kind and compassionate!

  2. This is beautiful, Suzy. I hope we all learn and make this world a better place.

  3. I like the last one the best - but it's not people like us who are waging war is it Suzy? It's the megolamaniacs who want to own the world who scare me!
    Leanne | cresting the hill

  4. When it comes to the consequences of war, I am afraid humans never learn. The next war will undo us all.


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