Thursday, April 27, 2017

Variety of thoughts ... #atozchallenge letter V @AprilA2Z

My theme for the 2017 AtoZ Challenge is "Daily Thoughts".

Each day I will post a thought that comes to mind. The first word of the thought will correspond with the letter of the day.

Usually I write about one thought, today I'll add a few and let you ponder over them.

So here are a variety of thoughts for the letter V

Visions that are planted in your mind are like seeds
that need watering and care before they grow

Victory over self before victory over others

Voyage of life is filled with ups and downs
Without the downs the ups would have no meaning
Without the ups life would be too hard to bear
All things in life are balanced as is the cosmos

Vanquish with love, the demons that imprison your mind
Here's a poem I wrote sometime ago that depicts my thoughts on this

Let the demon of doubt vanish from my mind
Let him not start a feud with my heart
Let him no place in my existence find
Let him not tear my soul apart

For love is the key to conquer all
With faith in my heart I free my mind
The demon of doubt then begins to fall
And unlocked are the fearful chains that bind

Which of these thoughts resonates with you? Share in the comments below.

If you do leave a comment, please make it easy for me and add a link to your blog / post. Thanks.

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Warm Regards

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  1. I relate with the victory quote. We first need to master our own mind, because otherwise, no external victories would give us any long-lasting satisfaction.

    Anyway, I also got tied up with work yesterday, so couldn't complete my V post. Do visit it today @ A to Z of Happiness: Values. Happy AtoZing!

  2. I loved the demons in my mind- yes they need to go away with self belief and the power to go on , despite all odds.

    ​Wish upon the stars

  3. Loved all the quotes Suzy. Found them really deep and meaningful. I can understand how it was just not possible to pick one 😊

  4. Loved the poem, Suzy. Our demons of the minds are very much ours and need to be worked around with great care.

  5. Those demons get way too much power in my mind. Love that line you wrote about the demons of doubt falling and unlocking the fearful chains that bind. Wonderful words! Your posts are so thoughtful and wise. Thanks for another great one.

  6. The third one resonates the most. The fact that life is a voyage in which we experience ups and downs. How true!


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