Sunday, April 23, 2017

Success is Defined ... #atozchallenge letter S @AprilA2Z

My theme for the 2017 AtoZ Challenge is "Daily Thoughts".

Each day I will post a thought that comes to mind. The first word of the thought will correspond with the letter of the day.

So here is my thought for the letter S

Azaleas from my garden

Success is defined uniquely by each person
Strive to attain yours not someone else's

Each of us defines success in different ways.  This hit home even more when I was discussing futures with a loved one over the weekend.

I've often thought of what success for me means. And eventually after going through all the usual career, love, finance, fame and fortune etc I ended up with just one thought that really encompassed all of these - to be at peace with my life.

What's your definition of success?  Share in the comments below.

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  1. you have defined it so well. Actually that would be my definition too - to be at peace.

  2. Perfect definition Suzy - to be satisfied with it yourself is the biggest thing about one's success!!

  3. I like that definition. It's like "Quality is meeting the customer's expectations".
    Hard to say what SUCCESS means to me. Probably achieving those hard-to-get things that really require determination and hard work. Or simply being on top of (daily) things.

  4. I would agree with this for sure

  5. I agree. I make my own definition of success and it's far different from the popularly understood definition.

  6. I agree with your interpretation of success. For me its relative and it resumes to my growth as an individual and not compare myself to others. I believe that I have been fairly successful in my life.

  7. Well, I have a few long-term goals for myself. I guess I'll feel successful when I achieve them. And then, I'll probably make new goals.
    Taking up new challenges is important to me. I get to learn a lot that way. And that makes me feel like I'm doing something worthwhile in life.
    Happy AtoZing, Suzy!
    Chicky @


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