Friday, April 7, 2017

Find the fun ... #atozchallenge letter F

My theme for the 2017 AtoZ Challenge is "Daily Thoughts".

Each day I will post a thought that comes to mind. The first word of the thought will correspond with the letter of the day.

So here is my thought for the letter F

Auckland, New Zealand with Sky Tower in the background

Find the fun and snap the job's a game
(from Mary Poppins)

When I was little, I used to sing the song from Mary Poppins "A Spoonful of Sugar" with great gusto. But at that time it was just a song.

The words however are very profound:

In every job that must be done
There is an element of fun
You find the fun and snap
The job's a game
And every task you undertake
Becomes a piece of cake
A lark a spree ...

Household chores are definitely not my idea of fun. I don't mind washing dishes, but hanging out the laundry and most boring of all, ironing are truly tiresome. So my fun in these otherwise boring tasks is to listen to music and sometimes even sing along. That definitely makes the tasks go faster.

There have been a couple of places where I worked that I simply couldn't find the fun.  I was glad to leave and move on.  It's not that it was something different and I love what I do but I just couldn't find the fun. Sometimes things are not meant to be.  I love where I work now. all day it feels like fun even though it's a tough project. 

Find the fun in all you do
If you can't perhaps it's not meant for you
If you find that passion true
You won't feel quite so blue

How do you find the fun in what you do? Share in the comments below.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Tina. Agree life should be fun at least a lot of the time.

  2. True Suzy. When we find the fun in things we do, we will not be bored of doing them!


    1. Thanks Swathi. When we find the fun in something it becomes a pleasure to do.

  3. Luckily for me, my Dad hangs out the laundry. And ironing becomes a piece of cake with some music plugged in! I find daily cooking such a major chore. Especially planning the menu part! AND doing the grocery shopping! I wish we could all just pop some pills and be done with it! Would save so much time, won't it?
    Happy AtoZing!
    Chicky @

  4. I look for fun in boring jobs just like you do. I listen to music when I go for walks. It ensures I don't stop exercising. This was a fun post. :)

  5. The way to ensure a job is not a chore is not to treat it as one. My feelings exactly.

    Faamiti and Forelsket: Exotic Words with no English Equivalent

  6. Can very well associate with your musings...finding fun when the tasks are mundane! And its always fun to do something one likes! It was a good read dear!
    Team MocktailMommies
    Collage Of Life

  7. I don't think I've ever worked in a job that was "fun" I seem to lean towards challenging, interactive, people focused jobs but they're usually more about my pay cheque than about having fun. Maybe it's not too late :)
    Leanne | cresting the hill

  8. Music does the trick for me, but I actually enjoy doing laundry. The whole process from sorting to ironing and storing. It's my favourite household chore. At work (I'm an ESL teacher) I always try to ensure I pick subjects which I find interesting, and I make a lot of dad jokes which most of my students don't understand.

  9. I find Ironing cotton clothes therapeutic but when not in hurry. With music, any chore can become a happy task. Nice lines

  10. Ha. I don't mind the laundry and the ironing (of which I do little), as much as the vacuuming and the dusting. I put on some music sometimes and try not to think about the boring household chores. Love the concept - the Mary Poppins song is perfect, after all Mary was practically perfect in every way.
    My Virtual Vineyard

  11. I don't mind doing the laundry or even ironing (with a good movie to watch) although I admit to not having much to do these days now my husband is retired. But the weekly cleaning is such a chore or at least it was. now my husband vacuums through and i do the mopping and clean the bathrooms and we both ignore the dusting and its great. Its always easier when you share the job

    Philipa (Ozzypip)
    Quilter and blogger
    Blogging her way through an A to Z quilt
    Ozzypip Quilts

  12. This is spot on! That's exactly how I try to do my boring jobs as well, especially cooking! A bit of music and some clowning around always works to lift the spirits :D

  13. I hate doing the laundry too!! and yes, the music is always on when I do that! It true that pairing unpleasant things with pleasant ones makes the task less boring.

    Shubhangi @ The Little Princess

  14. Being a doctor, finding the fun isnt always easy. For me, it would be the breaks in between cases - chatting with fellow docs, reading trivia et al

  15. House hold chores are a nemesis this side too. I prefer to talk to someone or watch TV while folding laundry. I seek help in every other chores possible. why should I suffer alone? ;)

  16. I dread doing household chores at home, but when it comes to helping out at someone else's house, I gladly step in.

  17. Wonderful words of wisdom! Look for the good!

  18. Yes adding an element of fun in the regular routine jobs can make them exciting and you can finish them real soon too, else they have the tendency to keep dragging. Listening to music while cooking and cleaning or taking short breaks is what I usually do to break the monotony!

  19. Great post. Music does help with those dull tasks and make them more fun for sure. I like having music on in the kitchen to accompany with cleaning and cooking.

  20. If I could snap my fingers and get the house clean, I'm sure it'd be fun. There is just no way to make household chores a fun activity! :P Even with music or TV I abhor chores. But, I do get adding fun to mundane things. I think we do a great job at that in my workplace. My team has a dark sense of humour and we enjoy a lot of laughs on stressful days thanks to that! Makes going to work great!

    Fable - One good turn

  21. Great asvice on finding the fun
    I listen to Music too during mundane chores and at times in office but like u said
    If u can't find fun at work place it would b tough

  22. A fully charged iPod helps with the mundane chores. At work though, I always make time to have a laugh with a coworker

  23. So true! Life is so much more pleasurable when you enjoy what you're doing.


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