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UBC Day 26 - Balancing Life

Day 26 of the Ultimate Blogging Challenge is written for:

Write Tribe 100 Words on Saturday - She had the last laugh
Thursday Theme - Optimistic

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No matter how hard she tried to interact, some ignored her. It troubled her. Had she done something wrong or said something she shouldn't have? It saddened her and dragged her down.

Then one day she had an epiphany. "All things in life must balance". Where one ignores, many others come through for you. Where you ignore be sure that you will be ignored.

And if all things must balance, then at some point, you need to both ignore and be ignored. Otherwise life would be too overwhelming.

The Universe watches and balances. And she always has the last laugh.

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Life has taught me that all things balance. We cannot escape that as it is the law of the Universe.

When our time on Earth is over, the Balance Sheet of Life must be level. We will face difficulties and blessings, good times and hard times, sadness and joy, toil and relaxation, good health and illness. After all if there was too much rain, the Earth would drown and if there was too much sunshine, she would fry. The sum total of all our positive experiences equals the sum total of all our negative ones. All things must balance. I never take anything for granted any more.

If we learn to balance life by ourselves, the Universe applauds. If we don't, it makes that happen. The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh. However sometimes what we interpret as taketh is often a giveth or in other words a blessing in disguise. The reverse is also true.

When we finally get that, then we enjoy the positive times and when the negative times appear we face them knowing that life is balancing out. 

When we live with the knowledge that at each moment, life is balancing out, then every moment in life can be viewed optimistically from an end of life view (expecting the best possible outcome from any given situation - Wikipedia).

Have a Blessed day.

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  1. 'sometimes what we interpret as taketh is often a giveth or in other words a blessing in disguise.' How true!

    I find it hard to balance the positives and the negatives...I find myself frustrated at anything that doesn't go my way...But I need to learn to deal with both, to balance..

  2. I trust the Universe to take me safely through life.Beautiful post.

  3. I loved the concluding lines the most ' When we live with the knowledge that at each moment, life is balancing out, then every moment in life can be viewed optimistically ' . Enjoyed the post thoroughly and great words of wisdom.

  4. Makes sense. Suzy. Absolutely. The way night balances the day. The way tears balance smiles. :)

  5. What a wonderful thought.. Universe having the last laugh Suzy... beautiful <3


  6. This is awesome...and true. In the end the universe has the last laugh! Great job on the prompt♥

  7. wise words Suzy. Loved your take on this :)

  8. Words of wisdom...we must balance our life!!

  9. Well said, Suxy. What is joy without sorrow? What is success without failure? What is a win without a loss? What is health without illness? We have to experience each if we are to appreciate the other. Everything balances out eventually...

  10. I'm in the process of learning to trust the universe and leave things to it. It's a bit hard for someone who has generally liked to control things and doesn't handle unpredictability too well. But with that comes anxiety and I think what you say about balance fits's balance that makes us less anxious and less stressed and I guess in that manner, we are able to trust the universe a lot more and thereby notice what it has to offer us! Thanks for the insightful post Suzy!

  11. A warm handshake here, Suzy. Balance is always the key!! Sometimes it should be tilted, sometimes level, but always, the most important.

  12. Beautiful post Suzy. Yes I believe so too that Universe balances out all....I have faith! Thank you :)

  13. This could always be expected from you. An outcome of balanced understanding...
    LOVELY post

  14. The Universe, always does! Lovely post!

  15. thats a good thought to live with ... "Everything happens for the good" coz Universe is calling the shots and balancing all out :) good post Suzy

  16. Wow, the universe having the last laugh. Never thought of that. I like how your optimism shines through too :)

  17. As a phrase in Secret says if you really want something badly the universe conspires to make sure you succeed


  18. WoW! It's an inspiring take, Suzy:) Well done.

  19. I really enjoyed this, Suzy. So full of wisdom and beautifully written as always. So true about balance. I'd never thought about it quite that way so thanks for that tidbit of wisdom for today.

  20. This is so true. When one door closes, another opens. Lyrically said!


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