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UBC Day 25 - Best Compliment

Day 25 - Ultimate Blogging Challenge.

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Write Tribe National Compliment's Day - Best Compliment  and
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January 24 was National Compliment's Day and I didn't know that until Kajal (Rainbow Hues) posted on her blog and paid me a truly lovely compliment.

But it really does not matter what day it is, it's always nice to give and receive a compliment.

When you give a compliment sincerely it gives the giver great joy. That it gives the receiver joy is a given.

Receive and acknowledge a compliment gracefully and gladly because in not doing that you rob the giver of the joy of giving. Not only that, I am a firm believer in the law of attraction and when you decline a compliment, you send a message to the Universe that you are either not worthy of a compliment or that you don't want to receive any. And the Universe always obliges! (Something to ponder over).

And of course when the opportunity arises to sincerely return the compliment then do that too (for it is in giving that we receive).

So what are the best compliments I have received ....

Kajal's would have to be one of the most beautiful compliments I have ever received.

Thank you Kajal. You made my day.

Some years ago while we were visiting San Francisco, my kids bought me this little zipper thingy that says #1 Mom. It is one of the most priceless gifts I have ever got. Whenever my jacket is zipped up, the little zipper thingy stays close to my heart! Thank you my children. You are my strength and joy.

When my son was 3 years old, he asked me how old I was. So I asked him to guess. He looked at me for a few minutes and then very seriously he said "you are forty thousand years old". At that moment my eyes widened, my jaw dropped and the unspoken words that formed in my mind were "you cheeky brat".

But the look was so innocent so loving and serious and as he was only 3, forty thousand was a real big number that I'm sure he wouldn't have known and that was puzzling. So over the years I thought about that off and on and as my spiritual journey progressed the meaning of forty thousand took shape.

I am sure my little 3 year old was looking at me through the eyes of his soul and connecting with my soul. . And when we look at it from a soul perspective then that is truly an amazing compliment. How much more beautiful than that can you get.  Thank you my son for being the beautiful soul you are.

image source: google images

So what's the best compliment you've got?  Write your post and then link up at The Write Tribe and if you can weave a B into it, link it up at ABC Wednesday too.

Have a beautiful day and enjoy your weekend.

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  1. Indeed Suzy a compliment which is sincere is like a magic wand that makes everything beautiful....

    It doesn't take anything to compliment someone and it gives back manifolds...!

    Enjoyed the post Suzy...

  2. I enjoy thinking on other lives the soul inside a child must have lived. Babies respond to my loving looks in supermarkets. They accept and beam back joy. If only life's challenges didn't knock this innocence out of them.

  3. Thanks Suzy for including e in your post. The pleasure is always mine. I love you<3

    I loved this post and how you cherish the one innocent compliment given to you by your son. Its truly something.

    Stay blessed

  4. Wonderful and heartwarming post. I adore the innocence and honesty of children. Thanks so much for sharing

  5. Hi Suzy - I love what your child said about your age! That was my first thought,"He's still connected to the other side and he can see how old she really is." I love stories like that :)

  6. This is so wonderful Suzy.

    Kajal's compliment was beautiful and that key chain said it all :)

    have a good weekend, my friend!

  7. compliments are such mood boosters... That about law of attraction is definitely something I am going to ponder over...

  8. We all need a good word, now and then


  9. Sincere compliments cost nothing and can accomplish so much. And they have the power to pack more smiles in a day! Enjoyed reading this post, Suzy :)

  10. Very beautiful!
    Some compliments just make our life! :) ... As always enjoyed reading this... as Kajal said... you're just awesome with words :)

  11. Pretty powerful stuff about not acknowledging compliments, Suzy and I absolutely agree! Loved the story of your son and how you've chosen to interpret it. :)

  12. This was awesome and I loved the story about your son!! My mouth would have dropped too. ♥

  13. Aww.. fourty thousand years old !! Can innocence be personified any more than that?!

  14. Children pay the best compliments, in their innocence. Think about the wisdom and greatness you'd have acquired in 40,000 years! And that zipper is a lovely touch.

  15. You truly deserve the compliments Suzy. Okie, I am guilty of not complimenting you on ma post but doing it now:) The 40,000 wala is so cute and innocent:)

  16. Something said innocently brings out the soulful's called connection
    I've always found inner positivism in your writings...and it attracts me a lot...


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