Thursday, January 23, 2014

UBC Day 23 - Inspiration comes in the strangest of places

Day 23 Ultimate Blogging Challenge

There are some days when thoughts and poems just flow and then there are times when I stare at the prompt and nothing comes to mind.

For the last few days I've been thinking I have really ignored my poetry blog. But the mind would not cooperate and every poetry prompt that came my way just brought up a blank.

So last night I wished that the prompt "Mirror" would come up as I wrote a poem sometime ago that was sitting in draft waiting to be published.

So imagine my surprise when I checked the Poet's United Mid Week Motif and the prompt was "Mirror"

The Universe obliges yet again. Thank you.

Check out my Mirror poem. I wrote this poem one day while on the bus to work. Sometimes inspiration comes in the strangest of places.

Have an inspiring day.

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Warm Regards


  1. Beautiful poem, Suzy.
    Sometimes you get what you wish for.

  2. I love the way thoughts influence what happens around you. My husband and I often mention something that the other has been thinking about. In the 70s, Russian scientists measured brain waves in the air--they're real things.

  3. That is a true fact Suzy, no? Inspiration often flows when you need it most and expect it least :-)


  4. Loved the poem Suzy. Truly profound. Sometimes wishes are granted almost magically. Isn't it?

  5. Yes, we all suffer writer's block from time to time!! Recall this poem of poignance.,...lovely!

  6. I hate writer's block, but we all get them. How great that the universe decided to work in your favor in this instance! ♥

  7. Wow!! He made your wish come true!! How cool :)


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