Friday, May 27, 2011

Appreciate Life

No Ordinary Moments introduces this post ...

Just a little over a year ago my father passed away very suddenly, very unexpectedly. 

He was my rock and my guiding light and I think of him everyday.

All that I have learned in life, I have learned from him.

He taught me how to live -  simply, kindly, lovingly, gently, generously, compassionately and above all humbly. He was a living example of all these and much more.

The last hours of his life have taught me to care with compassion and to lovingly let go so he could depart in peace.

They are by far the most difficult moments of my life - watching someone you love so much in so much distress, slipping away from you forever.

I will never forget the struggle of his soul nor forget his eyes pleading with me to end his distress.

His death has taught me to appreciate life and the people who arrive and depart within it.

Be at peace Dad.

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