Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"I will dance in your heart until you are happy and free"

I believe that the Universe sends messages and clues. However, we don't always recognise them.

Over the past few years I have now come to realise that something stirs inside my soul when the Universe "speaks" to me.  I feel immense joy if it resonates and complete unease or doubt if it is trying to tell me I'm on the wrong path.

I came across this article quite by chance via a  blog post  and I know I was meant to read it. 

I was drawn to the word "Shaqqara" that led me to this page:  http://www.anamika.com/shalimandshaqqara.htm

As I love dogs, a doggie story is always great to read. But this one warmed my heart. And I also felt that there was a message in this for me.

Many years ago (during my teenage years) I met someone who has remained in my heart and holds a very special place in it. He unfortunately died in an accident the age of 20 (so I am told).

Over the years I have "felt" a deep connection with him. I have always wondered if he really had an affection for me (as I felt he did) and I have often asked why he had to die. (In fact I have asked these questions as recently as just a few days ago).

He was so sweet and so kind. It just seems so wrong and so sad that he had to die so young.

I had no idea what I would expect in the article or why I was led to it until I read the last section "Shalim's gift" and then the very last caption on the "Pookie love notes"  ...

"I will dance in your heart until you are happy and free". 

I just felt the joy surge into my soul and I felt like these words were written just for me.

I was given an answer.

Thank you and be happy wherever you are.  xoxo.

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