Friday, May 27, 2011

The Lesson Must Be Learned

No Ordinary Moments introduces this post ...

Life sends you the same lessons to learn again and again until the lesson is finally learned.

I have been made redundant thrice and I have been unemployed twice. Each in hindsight has been a huge blessing for it has propelled me foward and moved me onto greater things.

My divorce caused the biggest financial upheaval of my life.

I tried to find the lesson in each situation as I was writing this post when my aha moment arrived.

I have read many articles, blogs, books etc on Abundance - the message is always "This is an abundant Universe. There is no lack only abundance".

Great ... so where is this abundant universe and why do I go through financial crisis after crisis?

And then it hit me  - only when you believe it and know it, can you experience it.

So how do I know this is an abundant Universe - every financial setback has eventually transformed into a financial gain and an opportunity to move onto greater things. Each period of unemployment was a well earned and needed break. 

The lesson is finally learned.


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