Thursday, May 26, 2011


Ideas are just flowing today - The Universe wants me to write, write, write.  So here is another post.

Meditating is a hot topic these days.

I love meditating and I try to meditate everyday.

I have been trying to find the "thing" that works for me for about 14 years. I was getting increasingly frustrated as meditating successfully seemed to be so elusive - something just out of my grasp.

I had tried all kinds of meditations - breathing while sitting down in a quiet area, even walking to meditate, repitition of affirmations, guided meditations, meditative music. Nothing worked.

To quiet my mind seemed to be an impossible thing. Breathing in and out and meditative music just seemed boring, my mind wandered even more when walking and I found guided meditations too fast paced or too slow. By the time I got into the swing of an instruction, the next one had come through or it seemed like I was waiting an eternity for the next one.

Of course the more frustrated I got and the harder I tried, the further it seemed to run. Until one day someone said to me ... The meditations you are doing are probably not right for you.  Do the things you like doing and the meditation that is right for you will suddenly appear.

So I let go of the need to meditate.  And then over the last six months I finally found my miracle meditation - the one that works for me!

I have adapted each technique that I tried from wonderful people who so generously provide their information and meditations free on the internet, to create my meditation.  I am so grateful to them for sharing their wisdom. Thank you all.

So here is what I did:

I created slides of affirmations that I call my life map - these are things that resonate with me and a way of life that I desire ( I used Microsoft Paint to make jpg files of each slide)

I also created vision boards of the areas of my life that I wanted to flesh out in more detail and stored them as jpg files. (I used Microsoft Powerpoint to do this)

I love ho'oponopono as a clearing technique - it is so simple and so effective for me. So I created a ho'oponopono slide as well

I also found that without breathing (the meditative breath) the whole thing just didn't jell, so I created a breathing slide. The technique that works for me is Dr Hew Len's technique.

And then lastly I added thanks to God and the Universe - using a mantra that I find powerful for me.

I love instrumental pop music so I set the whole thing to songs that touch my soul.

My whole meditation consists of - a guided meditation as I read the slides,  affirmations that resonate with me, clearing, intention and focus via the vision boards, breathing, music and thanks. The total time taken is under 20mins and each slide is under 4 mins. I created my little "meditation movie" via Windows Movie Maker.

I don't need to find a quiet spot as the music creates the "quiet" place for me and as I have downloaded my movie onto my ipod I can even meditate on the bus.

I can finally say I love meditating. 
love and hugs

Dr Hew Len - ho'oponopono and his breathing technique -

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