Friday, May 27, 2011

Be Here Now

No Ordinary Moments  introduces this post ...

A few years ago I went through the agonising pain of an ended relationship.
 It caused me a level of stress and mental turmoil I would not wish on anyone.
 It was a moment when I am convinced Spirit took over my faculties and commanded me to accept an offer of divorce. 
I know this because my logical, analytical mind would never have allowed it. 
It was a moment of sheer terror of stepping into the unknown. So many emotions go through your mind – fear, sadness, anger, hate.
But this event has taught me one of the biggest spiritual lessons of my life – Be here now.
To think of the past takes me back to emotions that serve me no purpose and thinking of the future takes me into spaces of loneliness, sadness, fear.
I can therefore only live in the moment – Being here now brings me peace.

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