Friday, May 27, 2011

The Universe Sends Clues

No Ordinary Moments introduces this post ...

About two years ago a misdiagnosed health condition sent me into a tailspin.

A pre-surgery check showed up an extremely high blood pressure reading that although alarmed and frightened me, was a saving grace.  My surgery had to be delayed and rescheduled to many months later.

A few days later on a busride home I bumped into a friend I hadn't met for years. I don't know how I got talking to her about my surgery but I believe I was meant to and that she was a Godsend as she sowed the seeds of doubt in my mind. I have not met her again since that day.

The Universe however does not rest until you get the right outcome.

Out of the blue my brother sent me a ticket to visit family and friends overseas. A holiday he said I needed badly. It was my second Godsend.

I am so lucky I have two gynaecologists in the family. I met one of them on my holiday.

On reviewing my reports she advised me to cancel the surgery as she believed I didn't need it. Instead she put me on a course of tablets that are MAGIC.

I now know, the Universe sends clues - and if I listen and follow, great things happen.


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