Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Love is in the air - Yearning

Day 25 A to Z Challenge 2015 - Yearning

Sita's yearning finally ceased
Her face with love aglow
Her joy at seeing Rama increased
Past year now forgotten so

Rama looked with love at his beloved
Heart bursting with joy and pride
For his Sita strong and so devoted
Was finally back at his side.

Sita and Rama delighted at being reunited, embraced each other. Tears of joy flowed from Sita's eyes, she felt at peace, and in his arms she felt his bliss. Her faith was unwavering that Rama would find and rescue her. Rama's heart overflowing with love and his joy knew no bounds. His Sita was finally back at his side. Nothing else mattered. 

It is at this point that the Rama Sita controversy begins. Did Rama trust Sita, did he put her through the agni pariksha (fire test)?  In my meditations, what's revealed to me is that Rama and Sita had a love so deep that it is incomprehensible to us and unshakeable faith and trust in each other. Each action that they undertook, they took together. Rama and Sita could never hurt each other and the questions that filter through my mind are: 
  • Do you really think that Divinity would doubt each other?  
  • Do you think that Sita would've waited for Rama if she didn't believe and trust that he would come for her?  
  • Do you think Sita would've lived if Ravana had touched her? 
  • Do you think the heavens would've allowed that?
  • Do you think that Rama would've searched for Sita if he ever doubted her love and faithfulness?  

Sita would have never have given herself to Ravana and strangely Ravana would never have touched Sita. His pride would not have allowed that - he wanted Sita to surrender to him of her own accord for that would hurt Rama the most. Sita would have given up her life if Ravana had touched her just as she had done as Vedvati in a previous life when Ravana had tried to molest her. And Rama knew that.  Questioning Sita's purity never even crossed Rama's mind. 

We forget that Rama and Sita were aware of their divinity, they just never used their divine powers and always lived within human limitations.

So as per human nature, when we try to find the flaws in Rama and condemn him, may we ponder a moment on the questions that have been given to me.

The conclusion of my Ramyana for the A to Z Challenge in my Z post.

Love is in the air.  May we have that unshakeable faith and love for the Divine as Sita did for Rama and Rama did for Sita. And may we never forget that love.

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The Ramayana is a historical chronicle of events during the life of Lord Rama in an ancient time in a land called Bharatvarsh a part of which is now modern day India. 

This year's theme was given to me through meditation. But more than just a theme I was also asked to write this from the perspective of Divine love and not just a recounting of the events as they took place. Hence the essence of my posts is "Love is in the air".

The individual theme and tone of my verses are also given to me. And I try to convey what Spirit wants to say through my poetry and prose. In essence, I only transcribe what is given to me, the author of these posts is my soul, the Universe, God and Goddess.

Warm Regards

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  1. I never, ever, thought that Rama doubted Sita - not before the agni pariksha, not after the washerman's comment. Rama never doubted her. It was all about convincing the rest of the world of her purity. That's why the agni pariksha seemed alright - especially as she is Mahalaxmi incarnate and we know that she will walk through the fire with ease. I never minded the agni pariksha. But I am not able to understand Rama sending a pregnant Sita to the forest and not bothering to get in touch with her till He happens upon his young sons.
    Beautiful post! :)

    1. Thanks Sundari. Rama and Sita always took decisions together. Will meditate on your question and perhaps write a post!

  2. agree with beats me too, why he would send her away after fighting so hard to get her back.

    1. Hi Little Princess. Rama Sita took all decisions together and who is to question Divine plans.

  3. Somehow I never understood why Rama did what he did when the washerman scolded his wife and compared himself to Lord Rama. Abandoning Sita was a wrong move, I didn't like it and still wonder as to why he did it. Lovely post.

    1. Thanks Sulekha Will have to write a post to answer your question.

  4. Yes, the debate can go on and on. When two people so each other as much as they did, then there was no need for any test or proof...more than anything else I would like to say that it has impacted the later generations. I think men feel it alright to doubt their wife or has set a bad example without people really understanding the meaning behind it.

    1. Exactly Janu, These are such misunderstood events. Rama and Sita always took joint decisions. Strangely enough in my meditations I haven't seen the agni pariksha at all.

  5. I guess most of us would wonder why Rama did what he did, but I love the way you have presented your thoughts. I have never pondered on those questions before.

  6. Rama & Sita... controversial couple. You pose interesting questions.
    Incidentally, I chose "yearning" too. :-)

  7. An interesting story of Rama and Sita's love and devotion for each other with the past life explanation thrown in there! ;) My Y was yearning too! - ;) <3

  8. May more and more people be influenced by the wisdom and purity of love you share in these posts, Suzy! This is one thought that immediately came to my mind after reading this post. Thank you for writing it, the way you did.

  9. How wonderful it is to have love that trusts so much despite all odds. You've written this part of the story beautifully, particularly as you have mentioned the controversy yet written about your beliefs.

  10. You brought out the yearning so well! The questions you have shared made me something to ponder on...


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