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Love is in the Air - Veneration

Day 22 A to Z Challenge 2015 - Veneration 

Veneration: a feeling of profound respect for someone or something; 

Shabri tasted berries
Sweet ones she gave to Rama
He ate them with such relish
And filled her heart with bliss and calm

Rama and Lakshman searching
Came upon Hanuman
A moment so endearing
Shiva Vishnu's earthly plan

The Vanar (ape like humanoids) army ready
The search for Sita starts
Rama's faith in Hanuman steady
His ring and love for Sita he imparts.

Trijata a loving heart
An angel in disguise
Deceived her cruel king and played her part
Sita to protect and comfort her cries

Sita had prayed that the heavens help Rama and Rama had prayed the heavens protect Sita. And so they moved heaven and earth to answer the prayers of their beloved Rama and Sita.

Rama and Lakshman following Jatayu's directions, came upon Shabri an old woman who lived in sage Matanga's ashram. Sage Matanga had told Shabri that one day her devotion to Lord Vishnu would be blessed by an appearance of Lord Rama. Shabri waited many years for that day and her joy knew no bounds when Rama stepped into her humble hut. Shabri tasted every berry presenting Rama with the sweet ones and throwing away the rest. Rama took each one and ate it with relish, honouring Shabri's love and devotion. Shabri tells Rama and Lakshman to proceed to Rishimukh Parbat (mountain) where they would find Hanuman. So they set off to find him.

Hanuman was an ape like humanoid who was the avatar of Lord Shiva. Whenever Lord Vishnu takes a birth on Earth, Lord Shiva does too for they are each other's devotees.  Hanuman was born to serve and help Rama. Their meeting on Earth so Divine and endearing. Hanuman's eyes filled with tears of joy as he beheld his beloved Rama. Rama's heart full of peace knowing that with Hanuman by his side, finding Sita was a definite outcome and only a step away
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And so the search begins. The vanars go off in different directions to find Sita. Rama has unquestionable faith in Hanuman that he will be the one to find her. And so he gives his ring to Hanuman so that Sita would be reassured that Hanuman was indeed Rama's messenger. And Hanuman departs unhesitatingly, prepared to take on any burden to find Sita.

Sita in the Ashok Vatika pines for Rama. Surrounding by fearful demonesses, Sita is scared. But she finds a kind and loving soul in Trijata who was chosen by Ravana to guard Sita and to influence her to accept him as her husband. Trijata protects, loves and cares for Sita as if she was her own daughter and keeps the fierce demonesses away from her.

I don't think it was mere chance that Rama and Lakshman came to Shabri's hut nor was it chance that Shabri directed them to Rishimukh Parbat. And it was definitely not mere chance that of all the fierce and scary demonesses, Trijata was chosen to guard Sita.

In our travels through life, we meet many beings. Some great and some small, some who look beautiful some who do not. No encounter is by chance. We are often drawn to those who are great and beautiful, but those who are small and not so beautiful looking are often our helpers in life. Help often comes from most unexpected sources in the most unexpected ways. Rama and Sita looked beyond the status, beyond the looks and into each soul. They venerated each loving soul.

Will Hanuman find Sita?  That will be brought by the letter W.

Love is in the air. May we love all creatures, great and small. May we look into the soul of each and venerate each loving soul.

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The Ramayana is a historical chronicle of events during the life of Lord Rama in an ancient time in a land called Bharatvarsh a part of which is now modern day India. 

This year's theme was given to me through meditation. But more than just a theme I was also asked to write this from the perspective of Divine love and not just a recounting of the events as they took place. Hence the essence of my posts is "Love is in the air".

The individual theme and tone of my verses are also given to me. And I try to convey what Spirit wants to say through my poetry and prose. In essence, I only transcribe what is given to me, the author of these posts is my soul, the Universe, God and Goddess.

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  1. It's true that most of us are influenced by the outer beauty. Kids speak or play with anyone, they don't see if their friends are from lower class or if their dress in torn. They connect through their heart. Such wonderful story of the friendship and love.

  2. Sabri's story always fascinated me.

  3. Love the last few lines in particular: Help often comes from most unexpected sources in the most unexpected ways - how true! - Rama and Sita looked beyond the status, beyond the looks and into each soul. They venerated each loving soul. Sweet! That's how love should ideally be I think! ;) <3

  4. Yet again and awesome post..I did not know about Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva's pact. Also, Shabri's tale of devotion for Lord Rama is something that fascinated me. Once my mother was smelling incense sticks to find out the best when a another shopper objected saying you are disrespecting God by smelling it before He does. I was along, when she replied, well Shabri did that too..I just want the best smelling one for God. Since that day, I do the same. Smell the pack before buying :)

  5. Shabri had the honor of feeding the Lord berries she had tasted, Rama didn't mind eating the same because of her devotion to him. What a great lesson here, lovely.

  6. I do the Shabri act whenever I give tea or any drink to KG. :P
    Thank God for Trijata... some respite and relief for Sita in Ravana's Lanka!

  7. The poem is adorable. So true about life, one can never know who come uninvited to add spark to our lives:)

  8. Hello there.
    Love is a very powerful emotion, one we all possess. Sadly, it's misused and misplaced in today's world. God is not influenced by race, colour, creed or education. He doesn't care how rich one is or how poor. He's impartial and wants only for us to serve Him alone with a complete heart, free of hypocrisy. If we are to imitate God in kindness and love, we too should be impartial, free of prejudice and look beyond caste, colour, race, etc (Deuteronomy 10:17; Ecclesiastes 12:13; Matthew 22:37; Acts 10:34; Romans 12:9).
    Thanks for sharing. Thanks too for the return visit to my blog.
    Enjoy the rest of the challenge!

    Entrepreneurial Goddess

  9. Hanuman was a form of Lord shiva..that I did not know! what would be life be without our little helpers...and yea we don't know what form they come in! hanuman, jatayu, trijata, shabari, even the little squirrel who helped build the setu! makes me want to look back at the little helpers of my life and be thankful for them!

  10. Thank God for Trijata, who made Sita's time in Lanka a little more tolerable than it would have been. However, I was not aware of Trijata's existence or her kindness to Sita. Thanks for sharing.
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*


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