Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Love is in the Air - Rogue and Radiance

Day 18 A to Z Challenge 2015 - Rogue and Radiance

On an island in the ocean
Stood a city made of gold
Love for citizens was not an emotion
Its mighty king did hold

Wherever he did travel
Ravana wreaked havoc
Selfish and tyrannical
Born to plunder and run amok

Beautiful and radiant
Rama peaceful like a dove
Caring and gallant
Born to show us love

Ravana the powerful and mighty king of Lanka was a tyrant and a cruel man. He did not care for the welfare of his people only of himself. His actions were all adharmic (unrighteous). His focus was on power and materialistic values. His actions were based on benefit to self only. He terrorised people wherever he went for he thought that power came from subduing people. The accumulation of wealth was his primary goal and he showed it off in building his city of gold. Ravana manipulated all situations so that the end result would be to his benefit.

Rama's actions on the other hand were always to the benefit of many, to bring peace, to reinstate dharma, all done with love and care. Even when Rama eliminated evil, Rama did it with Divine love. Rama felt a deep sadness in eliminating someone and always tried to get them to change their ways. He always ensured that the welfare of others was paramount.  And he always kept his promise.

Rama lived within human constraints, never using his Divine powers. He showed us all that we can achieve everything we want to if we so desire, but that our actions should be done in love and for the benefit of many.

Rama and Ravana's paths were soon to cross but along the way Rama had to face many tests himself, of patience, dharma, friendship, loyalty and faithfulness.

And soon Rama's love for Sita and his faithfulness to her was to be tested. How will he face that test? Coming up in my S post.

Love is in the air. May your actions benefit many and may they bring you peace.

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The Ramayana is a historical chronicle of events during the life of Lord Rama in an ancient time in a land called Bharatvarsh a part of which is now modern day India. 

This year's theme was given to me through meditation. But more than just a theme I was also asked to write this from the perspective of Divine love and not just a recounting of the events as they took place. Hence the essence of my posts is "Love is in the air".

The individual theme and tone of my verses are also given to me. And I try to convey what Spirit wants to say through my poetry and prose. In essence, I only transcribe what is given to me, the author of these posts is my soul, the Universe, God and Goddess.

Warm Regards

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  1. Living for materialism is the undoing of many a powerful person. Your post proves that.

  2. Rama and Ravana, stark contrast...yet , there is something to learn from both of them.

  3. Thank you Suzy. I wish we had more of Rama's ilk in the world. Well, wishing won't help - we can each do and be what we can ...

  4. So much differences in their personalities! Looking forward to the next part, which definitely will bring lot more action :)

  5. Suzy--I so enjoy reading your posts--they are indeed very beautiful and spiritual. Thank you.
    I'm leaving two links because one is the continuation of the other.

  6. Two contrasting characters very beautifully portrayed :)

  7. Such contrasting personalities. Nicely done, Suzy. Looking forward to the next one.
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

  8. I am so enjoying your "story" theme. I've only known a little of Rama and Sita and thank you again for making this your theme this year... Lisa, co-host AtoZ 2015, @ http://www.lisabuiecollard.com

  9. Rama and Ravana..two warriors..two contrast personalities. great post!

  10. so very contrasting characters! the opening verse is beautiful...


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