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Love is in the Air - Spurned

Day 19 A to Z Challenge 2015 - Spurned

Shoorpnakha was on the prowl
Besotted by our Rama
But he spurned her love and honoured his vow
One wife to love and charm

Would he make her his beloved wife
If Sita she devoured
Rama showed his displeasure rife
When demoness foolishly enquired

Shoorpnakha was Ravana's sister. She had heard about Rama and his great feats and was on the lookout for him. But her intentions towards him were not good. She wanted to see him dead.

One day while she was on one of her tormenting rounds, she chanced to see a most beautiful man gathering flowers.  Shoorpnakha was enraptured by this man and she desired him so much that the shape shifting demoness, changed into the most beautiful and ravishing woman.

 She approached the man and tried her charms on him, but the man politely informed her he was married and walked away. But Shoorpnakha was so besotted by him that she could not let go and followed him to his hut.

On seeing him alone, she tried her charms again and was startled to find that he was the Rama she was looking for. His beauty swayed her mind to change from killing to seducing. But Rama had eyes and heart only for Sita.

Rama explained to Shoorpnakha that he had promised Sita he would only take one wife. On seeing Sita at the doorway of the hut, she tried to attack Sita in the hope that if Sita was killed, Rama would surely take her for his wife. Rama stepped forward to protect Sita, the expression on his face clear that he was annoyed with Shoorpnakha but Rama calm and graceful would not show his anger and would only reason with her politely. Lakshman however, watching from a distance, would have none of that and he came by to drive the demoness away.

In those ancient times, kings took several wives as had Rama's father Dashrath. Rama had watched his mother Kaushalya suffer in silence as she was neglected for Dashrath's younger and beautiful wife Kaikeyi. But Rama loved Sita with all his heart and soul and  vowed that he would not take another wife. His heart belonged only to Sita.

Shoorpnakha had left in a rage, silently vowing to avenge the spurn. Rama was thoughtful and ever watchful for he was sure that Shoorpnakha would not look kindly upon his actions. And he feared for Sita.

What would Shoorpnakha do now and were Rama's fears justified?  Those events in my post for the letter T.

Love is in the air. When temptation comes our way, may we act honourably.

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The Ramayana is a historical chronicle of events during the life of Lord Rama in an ancient time in a land called Bharatvarsh a part of which is now modern day India. 

This year's theme was given to me through meditation. But more than just a theme I was also asked to write this from the perspective of Divine love and not just a recounting of the events as they took place. Hence the essence of my posts is "Love is in the air".

The individual theme and tone of my verses are also given to me. And I try to convey what Spirit wants to say through my poetry and prose. In essence, I only transcribe what is given to me, the author of these posts is my soul, the Universe, God and Goddess.

Warm Regards

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  1. Shoorpnakha must have felt so dejected. Poor Sita, what not she has to go through.

  2. glad to read this post, brought some memories from the school days, where I heard these stories in bits and pieces.. thanks for sharing

  3. And Shoorpnakha's episode changed the course of this epic!

  4. Impatient now to get to T! Lisa, co-host AtoZ 2015, @

  5. My goodness Suzy, these sorts of deceptions happen to this day. Such an old age story so necessary to tell, thank you.

  6. Rama was stalked by soorpanaka! Even the Gods were not spared by demons. Lovely read Suzy!
    My A-Z posts:

  7. This shows that even epics had comedy or dark comedy if you thinkfrom Sooparnaka POV! Enjoying!!

  8. Soorpanaka's role is often underplayed, but she was the reason why Ravan chose to abduct Sita. Good one, Suzy. :)
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

  9. Guess it was all Karma...things were set in motion for Ravana's death.

  10. I just can't get over how the Ramayan is revealed to you letter by letter only through meditation!

  11. Rama's love for Sita is sure strong in his declaration of only taking one wife when not the custom in those days. Jealousy suits no one, not even evil Shoorpnakha. ;) <3

  12. Many people look at this as the turning point...the event that led to the war and destruction of ravana. unrequited love can be dangerous indeed!


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