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Love is in the Air - Trickery

Day 20 A to Z Challenge 2015 - Trickery

Ravana vowed that spurn to avenge
A golden deer he sent
Rama took up the challenge
For Sita's heart on it was set

Rama's arrow struck the golden deer
It screamed out mimicking Rama
Sita anxious filled with fear
Sent Lakshman without a qualm 

Ravana watched Lakshman leave his guard
Then Sita he did trick and abduct
Rama heartbroken and alarmed
His soul into pieces struck

Divinity forgotten
Forgetting divine plans
Rama grief stricken
Fell to his knees with head in hands

Had to write 4 verses for this one, I just couldn't compress it into 2.

Shoorpnakha took her sad tale to Ravana. She knew that Ravana would be furious and would attack Rama. But she wanted Rama and she thought the only way she would get him was if Sita was no longer in the picture.

Women were Ravana's weakness so Shoorpnakha spoke of Sita's beauty. She cleverly ignited his desire for Sita. And so Ravana went to abduct Sita.

But that wasn't an easy thing to do if Rama and Lakshman were at Sita's side so Ravana engaged in trickery. He ordered a shape shifting demon Mareech to change into a golden deer and lure Rama away from the hut. As expected Sita was enchanted by the deer and asked Rama to get it for her. Rama sensed something was afoot as a golden deer seemed unreal but Sita was adamant and Rama could not refuse. Mareech lured Rama a safe distance from the hut and then as Rama's arrow struck him, he cried out to Lakshman and Sita.

Sita was in such a state of panic that she would not listen to reason. Rama had ordered Lakshman to guard Sita and not move from her side. But Sita fearful for Rama, sent Lakshman to help Rama. She had no fear for herself only for Rama.

Lakshman drew a protective boundary around the hut and asked Sita not to step outside the boundary. As long as she stayed within, she would be safe. Ravana approached Sita in the disguise of a sage and asked for some alms. While she went inside, Ravana tried to cross the line but was unable to. So he waited at a distance from the boundary and asked Sita to step outside and serve him or face his wrath as a curse for Rama. Sita, fearful once again for Rama steps outside the protective boundary and is abducted by Ravana.

When Rama and Lakshman return, Sita is nowhere to be found. Rama finds fruits and flowers strewn outside the hut and fears the worst. His heart is shattered. He sinks to the ground in despair and loses his composure. Losing Sita was like losing his own life. Lakshman comforts Rama. In times like these, it is Lakshman who steps up and props Rama, who motivates him and encourages him not to give up.

One brother follows the path of revenge and desire, the other follows the path of love, motivates and encourages.

But what fate awaits Sita?  Find out in my post tomorrow.

Love is in the air. When we are down and out, may we find someone who lifts us up and keeps us going.

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The Ramayana is a historical chronicle of events during the life of Lord Rama in an ancient time in a land called Bharatvarsh a part of which is now modern day India. 

This year's theme was given to me through meditation. But more than just a theme I was also asked to write this from the perspective of Divine love and not just a recounting of the events as they took place. Hence the essence of my posts is "Love is in the air".

The individual theme and tone of my verses are also given to me. And I try to convey what Spirit wants to say through my poetry and prose. In essence, I only transcribe what is given to me, the author of these posts is my soul, the Universe, God and Goddess.

Warm Regards

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  1. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned - Soorpanaka couldn't accept Rama's refusal. Look at the depths she sinks to. And Ravana blindly listens to his sister and brings trouble on himself. And poor Sita! What a horrible life in the illusion for Goddess Lakshmi! Lovely post Suzy :)
    My A-Z posts:

  2. So you had to write 4 verses instead of 2? Suzy, when it comes to your writing, I don't think anyone would complain if you wrote 40. You have a way of bending poetry to suit the thoughts you are trying to project.
    Today's post shows admirably how fear for our loved ones breaks us more than anything else. So well written.

  3. Again, I have to go back to the very beginning. Due to a family situation, I haven't been able to do this. This epic story deserves full attention. I am amazed, though, at how you've been able to turn this into something appropriate for the A to Z Challenge I will be back! Alana

  4. Love how to write those verses according to the story. Good job! :)

  5. Sad sad sad, Suzy ... will it be Sita's fate or destiny that awaits I wonder?

  6. I have read it somewhere that in fact Soorpanka wanted to avenge the death of her husband at the hands of Ravana and hence she went to him and goaded him, coaxed him and challenged him to take revenge on Rama.

  7. Ravana was a pretty learned man, then how come he lost his wisdom at that time! Divine plans, indeed!

  8. Those verses were awesome..I could have read more of that..Loved it Suzy..

  9. I loved the verses. You weave the plot so beautifully through your verses.
    *Shantala @ ShanayaTales*

  10. Men listened to women and fulfilled their every wish during the golden olden days, so what has changed now? :) we had enacted A play 'modern Ramayana in college

  11. I loved how you have explained the story in four verses. Beautifully written

  12. The plot thickens! Beautiful verses and the story itself is so fascinating. You have exceptional talent, Suzy.

  13. I think four verses justify the poem with the explanation: great writing at making something seemingly complex easy to understand. :) <3

  14. The ever loving husband who didn't stop at anything....he knew that the deer was illusional and yet how could he not fulfill Sita's wish! the killing of Maricha is also a part of the divine plan...he got moksha from his curse...


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